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The Chris King website seems to suggest that their Aeroset 3 with the appropriate FSA or Enve stem/handlebar would work with any bike with a 44mm headtube.

So…would a Chris King Aeroset 3 with the appropriate Spork 3.2 and FSA or Enve stem/handlebar allow for integrated cable routing on a Flaanimal?

Paul Clark Unselected an answer March 4, 2024

That will work with one major caveat: The carbon sleeve through the head tube blocks internal access through the head tube down through the downtube. So there is no existing access path into the downtube from the head tube. The carbon sleeve is not structural on the back wall of the headtube, so a skilled technician (here at Rodeo) could create a hole in the sleeve to allow cables to pass through, but we wouldn’t expect customers to be competent at drilling carbon, so we wouldn’t be able to endorse doing it as a DIY. If you haven’t purchased the frame from us yet we can do that before shipping by request, or you could send the frame back here and we’re happy to do it for you.

FYI, most Flaanimals did not ship with Spork 3.2, although some have. Typically they shipped with 3.0 and 3.1. 3.2 is the only fork with integrated (hidden steer tube routing) that we’ve made.

Steve The Intern Posted new comment March 5, 2024

I put this in the Flaanimal 5.0 category, but I am assuming that caveat is not there with the titanium frameset?

Correct. With Titanium there are no issues and it works very easily.