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3.07K viewsFlaanimal 5.0

Hi there,

I planned tu buy a Flaanimal 5.0 and just have some questions before.

First, is the frame and BB are ready for an MTB crankset like XO1 on non-boost version ? I want to build a mullet bike and i don’t really understand the 85.5 T47 is compatible with…

Secondly, do you know the chainline with an Eagle rear sprocket ?

Thanks for your time and have a nice ride !

Best regards, Boris.

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 18, 2021

Flaanimal uses a road crankset Q-Factor and there is nothing unique about the design that would make it incompatible with any standard road crankset 1x or 2x.

The Q-Factor is 100% compatible with Sram mullet builds and we have built quite a few of them. Just use Something like a Force AXS 1x crank or a Praxis Zayante 1x crank, or anything similar.

You need an INTERNAL bearing bottom bracket, and any T47 internal bearing BB will work. Match the bearing size with your spindle diameter (Dub, 30mm, M30, 24mm, etc)

Steve The Intern Answered question February 18, 2021
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