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Natalie’s TD3 Bouquet

Natalie's floral bouquet TD3 is a work of art that could only be pulled off with the help of her friends.

Some bikes are too impractical to exist. When Natalie Starr asked to see some floral bike mockups a couple of months ago we happily obliged, but as we made them we thought “these are too insanely difficult to really make”. The only way to make that vision real would be through countless hours of hard work. Not so much commissioning a custom bike but rather a custom painting. For most people that just isn’t practical – commissioned art can be very expensive. But here’s where friends come in. Natalie shared her vision for her Donkey with friends @flux.customs and @crawleysoftpen. They all worked together to create something that isn’t really practical, but it’s beautiful and therefore deserved to exist. Chris at Flux in particular spent countless hours laying down the masking and paint for each bouquet of flowers as it wrapped the contours of the frame. Gold leaf foil was used on the accents and head badge to add a luster not commonly seen on bikes. The result is just… lovely and incredibly unique. This is Natalie’s bike. Don’t ask how much Natalie’s floral bike cost, because the friends who brought this life are priceless.

Checkout Natalie’s photography work here.

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