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Flaanimal 4.0 update

We’re getting quite a few inquiries about Flaanimal 4.0 so we thought we’d give an update. We actually were trying not to really announce 4.0 very loudly because we didn’t want to create a situation where the bikes would be considered late and everyone would flood our inboxes for updates. But you know… word leaks out.

Ultimately 4.0 will be done when it is done and we want to leave enough time in the process to get the details right. Trying to speed things up can result in mistakes and we really want to nail 4.0. We’re also a very small bike company and get pushed out of production queues from time to time.

4.0 features, colors, and specs will not be announced until the frames are actually available for pre-sale and when we have a solid date that they will arrive in Denver ready for delivery to customers.

We will do a few concept builds with 4.0 frames in advance of the main production run being complete so that we can show complete, production verified bikes instead of renderings and prototypes.

So here is an ESTIMATED schedule:

Mid Dec – Production frames / builds previewed in all 3 final colors. All features, revisions, specs, and weights will be posted. Pre-orders open.

Late Dec – Main production run is completed and ready for shipment to our HQ in Denver. Customers can either opt to wait about a month for ocean shipping or will be given the option to have their frames flown in via air for shipping in about a week at an additional cost. Customers interested in full builds can probably just opt for ocean shipping so that we have time to order parts, wheels, etc in advance of frames arriving.

The bad news is that we’ll all have to be a bit patient.

The good news is that we’re actually almost there. We started production on 4.0 in early July and have been working very hard on it since then. We’ve tried to be quiet about it all so that we don’t drive people crazy waiting. All of our production frames have been completed and are just waiting to be painted, which we will authorize when we inspect the final paint sample framesets next week.

What can you expect from Flaanimal 4.0? Expect class leading features and versatility. Expect class leading weights. Expect a fresh slate of colors which vary from tasteful to mildly exuberant. Expect our best steel bike yet.

What about Ti though? Are we going to do Flaanimal Ti? Yes. Ti will follow the arrivial of 4.0 but will not be green lit before we are sure that the design features of 4.0 are perfect.

Thanks for following along everyone!

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