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#Topobunny debut + Boulder Cup

Our much maligned, much loved, much misunderstood, much understood CX.1 team kits arrived on Friday, just in time to debut at Boulder Cup on Saturday. w00ts! Instead of doing our first CX race of the year the normal way (drive there, warm up on rollers, race, drive home), we decided to ride 40 miles to the race course, race, and ride 40 miles home. That’s a Rodeo style day of CX racing.

Patrick scored an awesome 11th in his race and I (Steef) followed up with a 12th. It was a good first outing in a hot, fast day of racing.

Here are some photos and race video from myself and Patrick’s races and 95 mile round trip commute. Here’s to a strong CX season for everyone, on the race course and off.

2014-09-13 09.16.32

2014-09-14 07.46.10-1

2014-09-14 08.27.17

2014-09-14 10.52.21-2

2014-09-14 10.58.28


2014-09-14 11.26.39-22014-09-14 11.35.47


2014-09-14 11.36.09

G01262292014-09-14 11.06.36-1

2014-09-14 11.55.38


2014-09-14 12.27.07

2014-09-14 12.30.19-1

2014-09-14 14.05.38




2014-09-14 14.06.43

2014-09-14 14.59.52


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