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The Rodeotejas Experience – TDC





Somewhere near New Ulm Texas – 45min drive from Houston.

Last week Joey P and I took a day off work to explore Texas Dirt Country.  You’ve heard of Texas Hill Country?  That’s the well-known region southwest of Austin, North and West of San Antonio and East of the Edward’s Plateau in the middle of the state.  TDC is lesser known and contained partially in the triangle formed by I-10 west of Houston to it’s south, Rt290 between Houston and Austin to the north and the eastern border of Austin City Limits.  I’d recently been exploring it, but Joey P needed to see this….

Joey P on one of the many white gravel roads in our area – Strada Bianche Tejas

This ride contained zero pacing goals, no Strava segment awareness or TSS score targets.  It was all about the journey, camaraderie and exploration.  We put our Cx bikes onto my vehicle and set off before dawn.  In a short 45 minute drive, we were on our bikes.  The day couldn’t have been better, starting out cool but reaching 74F with sunny clear skies in early December.

A nice “holler” we rode through. #sand

We had a general route concept but that was merely a suggestion that quickly took a backseat to the supervening notion of exploring previously unknown (to us) dirt roads.

Self Portrait.

We found many a new road, created some mental maps and got our adventure battery semi-charged for a while at least.  Wish we could’ve had a couple more of our gang out on this day.  You know who you are #slingshot Michael!


The dirt goes on forever and the party never ends. (paraphrased)


Kickler Road Kicker.
Kickler Road Kicker.


Ranch land somewhere near Fayetteville Texas.

…so come on down y’all.  We’re friendly and love to ride bikes, adventure, race, socialize and learn from one another.  More to follow….  Cheers!

The Rodeo Tejas Crew

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