Flaanimal 4.1

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Flaanimal 4.1 steel adaptable adventure frameset with painted-to-match Spork 1.2.

Our bikes are built-to-order. Standard lead times are 1-2 weeks. Contact us to request an expedited build.


Make mine a complete build:

Your Flaanimal will be fully assembled and tuned in-house so it’s ready to ride, then minimally disassembled for packing. You’ll have to reinstall the front wheel, seatpost, handlebars, and rear derailleur (on some bikes) when you receive it.

Click here for complete component specs in the Build Pricing section, below.

Click here for standard cockpit component sizing per frame size, listed below.

Choose your wheel size:

Pre-configured builds include Panaracer GravelKing SK tires in either 700 x 38mm or 650b x 48mm.

Dropper post & dynamo hub options:

– Available on complete bikes only.
– May require additional lead time to complete your build. We will get in touch if your lead time will be longer than typical.
– Dynamo hub option replaces the stock front hub on a Rodeo 2.0 Carbon front wheel.


The Rodeo Labs Flaanimal 4.1 is:

  • Reynolds 725 CroMoly Frame with size-specific custom butting
  • Rodeo Spork 1.2 carbon fork: dynamo hub & USB stem cap compatible
  • Tire clearance: up to 700 x 42mm or 650b x 48mm (as mounted on a rim with 25mm internal width)
  • Flat mount brake mounts front and rear, 140mm rotor size native
  • 12x142mm thru axle rear (included) / 15x100mm thru axle front (included)
  • 27.2 seatpost (clamp included)
  • Sliding dropouts for geared, 140mm flat mount brake, 12mm axle builds (included)
  • Internal down tube routing + configurable hardware (included)
  • T47 threaded bottom bracket shell
  • Pump peg
  • EC44 tapered headset spec. Headset available separately
  • Single speed thru axle dropout available separately
  • Off the back large profile flat mount brake mount available separately
  • Alfine / Rohloff QR dropouts available separately
  • 12×100 front axle conversion kit available separately
  • 160mm rear flat mount adapter available separately
  • 160mm post mount brake adapters available separately

Additional information

Weight 5.5 lbs

48, 50, 52, 54, 56, 58, 61


Pine Cone, Charr-Truse, Flaamingo, Chocolate Creamsicle, Bleaux Deaux

6 reviews for Flaanimal 4.1

  1. Matt

    So, the frame I have is actually a Flaanimal 3.0, but I believe all pertinent points are going to be the same, if not better.

    This is my favorite bike I have ever ridden. Of all of them. Whether it was a full squish trail bike or full carbon road rocket, this bike is just the most fun. Quick and light enough feel spunky on the pavement, stable and solid enough to feel confident on singletrack. I don’t know how these wizards achieved it, but the Flaanimal is magical ride.

  2. Scott DeJong

    What an incredible bike that seems to do everything well! I built mine up as more of an adventure bike and it has excelled on everything from regular roads to single track. The set up is responsive and the addition of a Redshift stem has made it supremely comfortable over washboard sections of trail or road. This bike begs to explore new trails or familiar trails in new ways. I’m looking forward to a season of new adventures in bikepacking and gravel, inspired by the Flaany!

  3. Bob C.

    It’s hard to know where to begin with reviewing the Flaanimal, because more or less any question you ask about its capabilities or experience will have the same answer: “yes.”

    Is it a super trail bike? Yes. A fantastic bikepacking bike? Yes. A perfect commuter? Yes. Does it slay on dirt roads (now called gravel, sigh, it’s dirt, OK…)? Definitely! Is it a great long distance bike? Yes. Would you do an entire brevet series on it? In a heartbeat. Can it handle XX componentry/drive train? Yes. Is it fun? Emphatically, deliriously, gigglingly, yes. It is a bike you fall in love with? Again an emphatic yes. Does it ride predictably? Oh, my, yes. Does it lead to exploration of distant places? Yes, yes, yes. Do you find yourself trying fun things you haven’t done in a while, like riding your bike in the skate park? Yes… Was the experience of buying from Rodeo Labs fun and easy? Oh very much so…

    See that’s the thing about the Flaanimal: while it has a couple of minor irritations (the eyelets on the 1.2 Spork are a pain if you want to mount panniers, for instance) none of that matters so much because the bike is perfect at so many things. You’d be hard pressed to find a bike with more flexibility. And if you find something it’s NOT perfect for, its design is clever enough to allow you to change it around to make it perfect for the new task.

    I’m lucky enough to have several very, very expensive super bikes that I enjoy a lot. But the Flaanimal and one other are by far my favorites and the ones I ride 90% of the time.

    The Flaanimal has a completely unique quality in my experience: it’s a very high performance bike that at the same time has the friendly, rough and tumble spirit of the best knock-around bike of your dreams. You don’t baby it, but it babies you. It is not precious in its attitude despite riding better than nearly any other bike out there.

    I’m an ultra-distance cyclist and I ride in far away places where something unpredictable could entail a lot of suffering to remedy. I trust the Flaanimal completely. I splurged on Rodeo wheels too and don’t regret it for a minute. They are exceptional wheels in every way.

    Normally I build my own bikes and this was the first time I’ve had others build a bike of mine in years. Getting it organized with the Rodeo crew was dream. Questions answered with thoughtfulness and patience, ideas on how to save a little money offered even when not asked to do so. Just great.

    Frankly, actual build itself was problematic and the mechs screwed up a few things badly and there were some boneheaded moves. However, that was kind of a one-off thing because of an issue on their end that they didn’t anticipate. When Rodeo realized they had messed up they did everything short of airlifting in the marines to make it right. I finally reached the point of saying, literally, you’re annoying me with your eager customer service. I’ve got this. I’ll just fix it myself, OK? They’re that good — you have to tell them to stand down on a problem. There is a mountain of integrity standing behind these bikes.

    I wish every bike company was like that. Rodeo is special in every way. The bikes they make are utterly exemplary — fast and tough and flexible and fun, fun, fun. So fun. Really fun. Get it? Meanwhile, the values of the company are peerless.

    I’ll be a Rodeo customer forever, simple as that. They are unlike any other boutique bike company in the world, and I’m delighted with everything about the experience. Truly great bikes, truly great people. What’s not to love?

  4. Bill

    Not sure what I can say that other reviewers have not, this bike is simply amazing!

    Coming from a background of BMX and single speeds, I had many many questions, which were patiently and thoroughly answered. I approached Rodeo Labs with the type of riding I planned on doing and a budget. They came back with a fantastic build that barely cracked my budget. In less than 3 weeks from leaving my deposit, I was riding on my brand new Flaanimal!

    I don’t have anything to compare this bike to, but I can say that it feels awesome cruising down a paved road then turning off onto a trail without compromising the handling. It is such a smooth ride and feels super solid no matter the terrain I am on.

    This bike and the people at Rodeo Labs have far exceeded my expectations. There were many directions I could have gone in while in the market for a bike, and I couldn’t be happier that I found Rodeo Labs.

    I am looking forward to putting many miles on this bike!

  5. Josh Sprague (verified owner)

    I have mad love for this bike! So far it’s helped me to cross the line of Dirty Kanza 200, Maisies 120, Land Run 100 and countless training rides. Soon to be the Cannonball 550 too! It’s ride is soft but firm, build is extremely tough, and I’m just gonna say, it’s a super sexy beast! Awesome people behind the brand too!

  6. Ian M.

    I have owned and ridden my Flamingo Flaanimal for about 5 months now and I have to say every time I go for a ride, I naturally gravitate to this bike. Steven and the others at Rodeo are a pleasure to work with and answered every build question I had along the way. They even rush shipped new frame plugs at no charge after I inadvertently tore up the set that came with the frame. If that’s not amazing customer service, I don’t know what is! The people at Rodeo love bikes and riders and it shows in the attention to detail they put in to their product and their customer service. When you build up a Rodeo, you’re not only getting a bike. You’re also joining a loving and supportive family of people who love and ride bikes.

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