Rodeo Spork 3.0 & 2.0 offset mounting eyelet kit


The Spork 3 offset eyelet kit is a modular, convertible mounting system for attaching a wider range of racks and fenders to your 2.0 or 3.0 Spork. With this kit a wider range of racks, fenders, and attachments are more easily mounted to the lower part of the fork legs. Not every Spork owner needs this kit, but when you do, you do!


We created Spork 2.0 and Spork 3.0 with a modular axle hardware design in with the goal of making the most versatile, adaptable bicycle fork on the market. On a standard Spork 2.0 or 3.0, there are two low profile M5 eyelets built into the ends of the fork blades. These are a great starting point for people who want to mount various racks and fenders / mudguards on their Spork.

Due to the huge range of rack and mud guard designs on the market we wanted to create a secondary eyelet option for the fork that added two more offset mounting positions to the fork and gave owners more options when deciding how to mount things to their fork. Enter the offset eyelet kit you see before you. This eyelet kit replaces the standard low profile mounting plates with a higher profile and more versatile set of mounting options.

In order to install this mounting kit, a proprietary tool is required. The tool is quite simple and contains two protrusions for unscrewing the through axle endcaps from the fork. This tool is produced in low volume and most users will only ever need it once in the ownership life of the fork. We provide it as an option with this eyelet kit for an additional $30 charge. Once you’ve installed the eyelet kit you may return the tool to us and we will refund $30 of the eyelet kit order.

Thru axle endcaps must be torqued to proper spec. Damage caused by improperly installed or poorly torqued endcaps is not covered by our lifetime warranty.