Rodeo Labs Ultra Bespoke Compression Plug


Like many people we were frustrated by the shortage of key parts in the last couple of years, so just as we did with our new centerlock lockrings, we decided to branch out and solve the problem for ourselves by having key parts made just for us, to our own specifications.

Our new Ultra Bespoke Compression Plugs aren’t really Ultra Bespoke, but they are extremely well made, and they are beautiful. Most importantly, they’re always in stock.

The compression lower is CNC machined aluminum. Accents (which are hidden when installed on the bike) are gold anodized. The remainder of the assembly is clear and black anodized.

When we’re staring down at our stem on an endless climb it is nice to look down and see our Ride. Explore. Create. slogan laser etched into the topcap. In three words it says everything about who we are and what we do. If you want to use a third party topcap this is also compatible with our compression plug.

Even our M6 top cap bolt is high quality: We sourced USA made stainless steel for this bolt, so that it never rusts, no matter how salty your sweat is.