Traildonkey 4.0 Derailleur hanger


As beautiful as the TD4 derailleur hanger is, it’s designed to fail first in order to protect the frame and derailleur from costly damage. It is ALWAYS good to have an extra hanger in your home tool kit or in your ride bag on long rides, races, or ultras. Your TD4 comes with a small 6mm to 12mm hex adapter tool that helps make replacing the hanger on the go easy.

Some minor derailleur hanger bends can be repaired by a skilled shop with the proper tools. But if a hanger is snapped or bent beyond repair, you need to replace it. No worry. We’ve got you covered.

Our hanger is designed in tandem with the overall sliding dropout system, and is machined from 7075 alloy. By using FEA and paying special attention to contours, radiusing, and overall designed we were able to extract high strength from a lightweight part.

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