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Pro Challenge Road Trip 2/2

The road trip is over. The Black Pearl is back in the garage. All is well. 1200 miles covered. 35mpg averaged. The Mrs. and I had a blast and are exhausted. The racing was incredible to watch. The vistas were unforgettable. The towns were wonderful to discover. Colorado is an amazing state to drive through and play in!

We were joined mid-trip by my friend Peder and his wife Holly in their ’73 BMW 2002. Our vintage caravan was a blast to be a part of and people seemed genuinely delighted to see some fairly old cars out on the road in good working order. The bike rack was a big hit. Pedro did an amazing job.

Enough words! Here are some pictures.

The Horners arrive in their 2002

Gassing up.

You don’t see many analogue gas pumps anymore.

Keeping air in the tires means optimal MPG.

A detour to Black Canyon National Park. Well worth the time!

Black Canyon

Palisade peaches are famous for good reason. They are juicy and sweet! We picked up a whole box and ate most of it en-route.

En route to Aspen

Cool mountain temperatures kept the engine happy on the sweeping mountain roads.

On Independence Pass we stopped to cheer on our favorite teams as they summited 12,000 feet.

The 2002 caught the eye of The Denver Post, which recorded an interview.

The race itself did not disappoint!

Jens Voigt didn’t disappoint either!

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