In attempt to keep our customers and supporters as up to date as possible we will be updating this page with current known and estimated lead times for our products. As always, please do contact us if we can be of assistance or if your order has been adversely impacted.


All Sassquatch frames have arrived and are being built and shipped.

The shipment of Flaanimal forks has also arrived which will allow us to ship quite a few more Flaanimals in the coming week(s).

Retail Spork 1.2 forks also arrived and are now back in stock on the product page.

Some Spork 3.0 retail forks also arrived, but not many. We will use these to ship retail fork orders in the order that they are in the shipping queue.

Bleaux, Red Pine, and the remaining Naked TD3.1 framesets are scheduled to be ready to ship to us from Taiwan on 09-26-2021


Great news. The Naked 3.1 arrived yesterday and we’ve already built and completed a number of bikes. Framesets are being boxed for shipping today as well. Frames going to paint will probably head over tomorrow.

The Sassquatch batch is delayed a day and is set to arrive 09-10 now.


Lots to report!

  1. The rest of the Flaanimals arrived today. This means that all frames except for the late November batch are now in Denver. Forks for these arrive with the TDs so keep reading…
  2. Naked Traildonkeys left Taiwan over a week ago via air shipment but due to weird local logisitics and cargo space on planes they went to LA instead of Denver and were then trucked to Denver. They leave LA today via truck but due to the holiday weekend are expected to be ready to land in the LA warehouse for pickup on the 9th. But they ARE in the USA at the very least.
  3. Strangely the Sassquatch Traildonkey frames left Taiwan this week but are flying straight to Denver so they will beat the Naked frames which left earlier by a day and are set for pickup on Sept 8th. This shipment also includes a large shipment of Sporks which are allocated to outstanding Flaanimal framests (per above). This will allow us to ship most (but not every single) Flaanimal from the frames that we have here in Denver.

Conclusion: Next week is going to be a HUGE week for us shipping Donkeys and Flaanimals.

Blue and Red Pine Traildonkeys are IN PAINT and went much slower than anticipated due to the new painter we transitioned to not being familiar with our bikes and how picky we are on finish. But here are some photos for the sake of showing that the hard work on layout has already been done. More updates on exact landing date for these will be along as soon as we have more precise information to report. Everything we report now would be speculative and subject to change.


Quick update that the air cargo broker has confirmed that the Naked Donkeys will be available for us to pick up in Denver on August 31st. After pickup we inspect, ship frames, build complete bikes, and send custom frames out for paint or Cerakote.


Been a gritty couple of weeks. The COVID measures in Taiwan continue to challenge but we’re also winning. A big batch of Naked Donkeys are booked to leave Taiwan on Monday. If QC holds the Saasquatch frames will leave around the 25th (pending air cargo space). A bunch of Sporks arrive next week so we can finish shipping a whole bunch of Flaanimal frames that we have here waiting for forks. Into early Sept the Red Pine and Bleaux Quattro Donkeys will be completed. Behind those we actually have another wave of frames that we haven’t listed for sale yet. It’s a smaller batch than the big 2021 waves, but it should take us through the end of the year once landed. 2022 Is already looking like a challenge for raw steel materials but we’re taking it day by day and troubleshooting each frame component so we can keep lines moving. We’re attempting to DOUBLE 2021 capacity to try to be an in-stock brand in 2022. Fingers crossed that we get that worked out. Upgraded Spork capacity is probably 60 days out, and once achieved we’re confident our Spork supply chain will be rock solid from here on out.


Been a bit since this page has been updated. We’ve had our heads down a lot since the large shipment of Flaanimals arrived. Taiwan continues to frustrate and disappoint with delays due to overwhelmed manufacturers and also COVID causing alternating shifts at factories in order to keep workers safely distance. This obviously lowers capacity and is affecting Traildonkey paint, Sporks, and Ti Flaanimals. Read on down lower under each product heading for specific updates.


Many people haven’t realized that our product specific updates are lower on this page. So if you are looking for example a Spork update scroll down until you find that section. In the meantime an entire semi of Flaanimals arrived at The Lab yesterday. We are over the moon. We QC’ed them all day long and builds + shipping have already begun. This is not the entirety of our 2021 Flaanimal production but it is a big batch. More will arrive in August. After that we do have more coming for late in the year, but we haven’t added those to the site for ordering yet as we want to deliver what we’ve sold before selling more. Thanks all!


It’s been a few weeks since an update. I don’t like spacing them out that much right now but I really only want to share updates when we have what I would consider reliable information as opposed to fuzzy dates or speculation. For each product specific update be sure to scroll down. High level: Covid did not totally shut down Taiwan which is a huge relief. There are various forms of restrictions and lockdowns going on but production has not been halted en-masse. What can and does happen is that some factories and subcontractors will report a case in their facility and have to shut down for up to three weeks. This causes ripples in supply chain. Our production partner is not totally vertically integrated so they do rely on outside contractors in certain steps of the manufacturing process (like CNC, putty, and paint). So we have been impacted but we have not been halted. I (Stephen) personally have been in nearly constant communication with our partners in the mornings and evenings (per Taiwan time) to communicate about logistics and prioritize allocations (of forks or paint bandwidth for instance).

We’ve never seen a situation like this before and we are resolved to not let delays like this happen down the road. To that end we’ve been investing in more capacity and longer term planning / ordering to make sure our products get to us when they say they will. The fruits of these efforts won’t be readily apparent tomorrow, but as capacity comes online I fully expect things to smooth out and catch up. We’ve also hired two more people here in Denver this year to improve customer service response time and decrease build times for complete bikes. Rodeo is stubbornly optimistic and determined to deliver each and every order that we have on the books as soon as humanly possible. The delays have caused an understandable number of people to cancel orders with us and we’ve worked hard to take care of each of those people immediately and without further inconvenience. The majority of people with delayed orders have been incredibly patient and supportive through all of this and for this we are forever grateful. Without these sorts of amazing customers I’m sure Rodeo would not be able to weather the delays we’ve seen this year.

It’s quite a humbling thing to be seven years into this company, having fought hard for our reputation, and all of a sudden having to be writing Kickstarter style updates to our customers like a pre-launch startup, but here we are, and we’ll do what we have to do to get this done.

Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.



We’ve been having very frequent meetings with Taiwan, trying to keep everyone motivated (as if that were necessary). The main spectre everyone is staring at is Covid in Taiwan. Restrictions ARE in place but factories are still open. If anyone comes down sick they have to close for up to 21 days though. This hasn’t happened with our partners yet but the restrictions do have a complicating effect on production. Factory visits are more difficult or impossible to do site visits and QC checks for instance. We’ve heard of hesitancy by some workers to even show up for work which is certainly understandable. It seems like the mood in Taiwan is somewhat similar to what we were feeling in Nov / Dec in the states. There is a lot of fear due to their surge even if it is nowhere near the numbers we saw in the USA.

All this said we’ve still had shipments sent our way. Check below for product specific information.


Taiwan has experienced its first real Covid surge in the last week which put us on notice and gave us cause for concern. Currently they are at level 3 restrictions which allow manufacturing to continue. Our projects are proceeding but we have pivoted our planning (especially for Flaanimal) as a precautionary measure. See below for product specific updates.


Since our previous production update the industry has continued to see extremely challenging supply chain, transport, and production capacity delays. The shortest possible explanation of the situation is that demand for cycling products is at historic highs, and the “just in time” bicycle manufacturing infrastructure has simply not been able to respond to that demand with increased supply in a timely manner. Rodeo Labs products are very much impacted, as are products for virtually every other cycling related brand in the world.

Rodeo does have unique challenges due to scale: Whereas larger brands may be able to negotiate for priority in the supply chain we are often left at a disadvantage due to our much smaller scale. We don’t have a lot of weight to throw around so to speak.

That said we are in constant communication with our manufacturing partners and component suppliers to get our 2021 bikes and products landed and delivered as quickly as possible. We are relentless when it comes to advocating for our customers and understand the trust and support shown to us as each person decides to pick Rodeo Labs in a sea of cycling options.

A year ago we began to see signs of these challenges forming and begun to take steps to increase production and component orders in order to try to get ahead of the surge. When we ordered bulk parts orders in June and July and new frames in August we could not have anticipated that ten months later we would still be trying to get those orders landed. Had we not started planning when we did we would have had no 2021 to speak of, as anything order in the waning months of 2020 is now more likely to arrive in 2022. From one perspective the delays are horrible and incredibly frustrating, from the other perspective we feel like we’ve just dodged a huge existential bullet.

Even though the year has been and will continue to be full of challenges, I am quite proud of the team here in Denver who work so hard to configure, source, and build each bike that we deliver. We’ve acted with incredible agility when it comes to sourcing parts, configuring bikes, and planning as well as possible for continued supply chain difficulties. I’m also proud of our commitment to be available for all customers if they chose to send us an email or call us on the phone. If you have an order with Rodeo Labs or are considering one you will find a human who cares here to work with you.

We all thank you for your support!

Stephen Fitzgerald

Founder / Rodeo Labs

Product Timelines:

Flaanimal 5.0


We received landing notice of the August batch of Flaanimals. They should hit Port of LA in the 12th. They take 7-10 days to unload and sort from the shared container. After that they go on the UPS truck to Denver which is about 5 days of transit time. By the time they arrive the forks should be here waiting for them.


For the bulk of the remaining Flaanimals in our queue to ship orders are waiting on one of three things

  • Some frames that do not have forks were included in the ocean shipment and those forks have been arriving in waves via FedEx air shipments. They’ve been coming in at a steady pace. The next waves of forks are set to arrive in Denver 08-16 and 08-26. This will include enough forks for the remaining Flaanimal 5.0 orders.
  • A second batch of Flaanimal 5.0 ocean shipped frames are due in Denver late August. The forks should be waiting here for them when they arrive.
  • Custom paint and Cerakote Flaanimals are at Flux now. They are taking approx one week per colorway in the month of August which means: Week 1: Custom, Week 2: Northern Lights, Week 3: Sunflower Sky. Etc. Most painting / coating is expected to be done late August except for any ocean frames that arrive that need to be sent over to Flux when they arrive. The painting schedule for those is TBD when they arrive.


an entire semi of Flaanimals arrived at The Lab yesterday. We are over the moon. We QC’ed them all day long and builds + shipping have already begun. This is not the entirety of our 2021 Flaanimal production but it is a big batch. More will arrive in August. After that we do have more coming for late in the year, but we haven’t added those to the site for ordering yet as we want to deliver what we’ve sold before selling more. Thanks all!


A second ocean shipment of Flaanimals left Taiwan today. It won’t impact many people who are reading this page for updates because almost all of the 2021 pre-orders are in the shipment that is due any day. But this does bode well for people who have ordered more recently (probably in the last 1-3 weeks depending on the size) because this batch of frames should arrive in Denver mid August. This batch will conclude our main 2021 production but we do have a smaller 2021 follow-up batch being made and that will probably arrive between Oct and Dec depending on global supply chain. For people wanting a bike early in 2022 this is worth thinking about as these frames would be the frames to reserve from for that. After these are sold it will probably be mid 2022 before we see any more Flaanimals.


All frames in LA are at the “devanning” stage today. They are shipped to LA in a consolidated container. When that container hits the warehouse in Long Beach the cargo in the container is separated into individual shipments belonging to different companies. Once separated and counted one last time it will be loaded onto the Denver truck and will take 3-4 days in transit to Denver.


The container with our first big shipment has been unloaded from the ship in LA. Next step is to get it onto the truck to Denver which isn’t as big of a hurdle. Could be a few days to a week-ish but we’re excited!

Rodeo EU’s first shipment is arriving by air any day now (or has already arrived) and we’ve been drop shipping some international orders directly from Taiwan.

Thanks for the patience y’all. We’re getting there!


Our ship with the bulk of 2021 Flaanimals (which is incredibly called the Ever Lucky) is scheduled to Dock in LA on June 19th. We are standing by for unloading time at the docks. We’ve heard ranges from same day unloading to weeks to unload so I don’t have a way to pinpoint how long that will take. After unloading I do know that it is a 4 day truck transport to deliver frames to Denver. When landed we have the team primed for QC, decal application, Cerakote application, frameset shipping, and complete bike building.

Additional forks to pair with the frames have been completed in Taiwan and those are flown in to meet the frames here in Denver. My expectation is that barring port delays we will be significantly catching up with Flaanimal deliveries late June and early July.

We have another batch of Flaanimals scheduled for loading onto a boat June 30. They were scheduled for the 18th, then the 23rd, but the boat is delayed. Once on the water they take approx 30 days to arrive in LA.


In addition to the frames that left with the 18th update another large batch of frames is done with production and moving to QC next week which is great news. The simple news is that Flaanimal is less complicated to make than Traildonkey because there is less finishing work to do, so these frames are moving a bit better. Forks do move slower than frames but the forks for the May 18 batch will be done before mid June so we will fly them in and they will meet the May 18 frames just in time assuming no delays.

May 18th update: We were alerted of a potential hurdle in Taiwan last night and took evasive action. Taiwan has unfortunately experienced its first significant COVID surge since the pandemic began. At one point the country amazingly went 270 days without a single localized new COVID case. Things are a bit tougher at the moment. We aren’t aware of any lockdown plans in Taiwan but decided that it was best to try to get ahead of that as much as possible. We immediately ordered all complete (frame + fork) and incomplete (frames) Flaanimals in Taiwan be loaded onto a ship and sent our way. That cargo is ON THE WATER. Previously we waited for each frame to have its fork before having small parts assembled then being boxed up for transport. In this case raw complete frames will be sent as-is without forks and small parts will be assembled here in Denver upon arrival instead of in Taiwan. Ocean shipping lead times are 25-30 days so we should see frames in Denver around June 18th. In the meantime we will air freight more forks in to pair with the frames as the forks are completed.

May 13th update: We held forks back for another round of QC because we saw a cosmetic detail we wanted to improve when retail forks arrive. Batch of Flaanimals now leaving Taiwan on May 17th. We never want to delay a shipment but it is imperative that when bikes do arrive that they be awesome!

May 3rd update: Production has completed on 75% if our first batch of 2021 frames. Some frames have in fact already landed and been delivered to early customers. We have been hit with considerable delays with these framesets but are attempting to offset those delays as much as possible by flying a huge percentage of frames in as air cargo instead of ocean cargo. Air cargo shipping is a massively expensive endeavour, especially in the current global shipping environment, but we’ve decided to spend the extra money to help get more people riding sooner. We expect a large wave of Flaanimals to hit Denver on / around May 15, with more frames landing via ocean 3-4 weeks later.

Flaanimal Ti


We’ve made no progress trying to negotiate a quicker completion date for the frames. We checked with other manufacturers and the story of the half like capacity per half staffed shifts per COVID distancing checks out. We think the manufacturing was proceeding just fine and then Delta hit, numbers spiked, and capacity dropped because of it only recently. So currently we’re looking at early October for Flaanimal Ti ready to ship date now.


We’ve been getting “on-time” updates on Flaanimal Ti since January 2021, and now that it is August we began to do the work to arrange shipment and were alerted last night that all of a sudden they are two months behind schedule and now saying August completion in Taiwan. This was quite infuriating as delays couldn’t have materialized overnight, but they were never reported on the way and we feel we’ve been misled which has caused us to pass along info that seems inaccurate. We’re very sorry about this. We are working on requesting priority delivery of the pre-order frames and have sent a list of each customer pre-order and are asking them to finish those sooner, not in October. We are waiting for a response so stay tuned as this develops.

Isaac has been alerting customers of an air freight option for flying in Flaanimal Ti frames from Taiwan. If you are interested in that option it can save 45 days of ocean transit time from Taiwan once frames are ready to leave Taiwan. Email if he has not reached out and you are interested.


Flaanimal Ti are on Schedule for early August shipping from Taiwan. OF NOTE: We will offer customers the option to fly them in from Taiwan and will split the additional air shipping cost for each customer that choses that. The rest will ship via ocean and take approx 45 days in transit. If you would like to fly yours in please contact Isaac through the contact form or the email that you’ve been using to arrange your build. Thanks!

June 16 update: There are some delays on Ti, but we split delivery into two batches so that we could deliver pre-order frames on time. Frames we ordered for stock (and are not yet sold) will arrive in September.

May 20 update: No delays to report.

May 3rd update: No delays to report. Titanium manufacturing is more boutique and our supplier is still on target to complete frames on schedule late July. Transport times will vary, but initial frames will land throughout the month of August (01 through 31st)

Traildonkey 3.1


The COVID alternating shifts + a new frame painter have caused these to be further delayed than we said in July. We’re quite frustrated but releif is in sight and we’ve been assured that the new painter we are working with is much better at executing the details on Traildonkey frames than the last painter was. Here is the new schedule we were given on Wendesday:

Aug 10
Aug 18
Aug 26
Aug 26
Aug 26
NakedSassquatchBleauxRed Pine2nd wave Naked

Isaac has been alerting customers of an air freight option for flying in Traildonkey frames from Taiwan. If you are interested in that option it can save 45 days of ocean transit time from Taiwan. Email if he has not reached out and you are interested.


Important NOTE: We will offer customers the option to fly their Donkey in from Taiwan when it is ready and will split the additional air shipping cost for each customer that choses that. The rest will ship via ocean and take approx 45 days in transit FROM WHEN THEY LEAVE TAIWAN. If you would like to fly yours in please contact Isaac through the contact form or the email that you’ve been using to arrange your build. Thanks!


We have a lot more clarity on Traildonkey as of right now. The last two weeks have been quite tense on this bike as it is far more complicated than Flaanimal to manufacture and finish. Subcontractor delays are a huge point of stress. We attempted to recruit a “fixer” in Taiwan to help find alternative finishing contractors but the approach was not fruitful. There is such a thing as pushing your manufacturer too hard and we crossed that line and had to back off. Instead we’ve worked closely with our manufacturer to create a priority finishing schedule for Traildonkey production. The bottleneck is again putty and paint. We can’t really apply any more pressure on the contractors to speed up, but we can optimize which frames are shipped first to speed up as many deliveries as possible. Frames are being finished in smaller batches than originally planned so that we can ship smaller batches to Denver more frequently. Below is the schedule we are working on. The final dates below are the planned completion dates for each of these frame batches. We are 85% confident in these dates. The potential for delays would really be in the paint / putty QC process. If frames take more time to pass QC we have to allow that.

We are painfully aware that these dates are not as soon as anyone wants, but internally we’ve switched from being anxious to being pragmatic about this. We are truly pushing as hard as we can. All we can do right now is work hard to deliver these per the dates below and create better systems for reducing further delays in the future.

SassquatchNakedBleauxRed Pineremaining Naked

May 28 update:

We’ve got reports of delays in finishing of frames. Traildonkey continues to be such a tough grind this year because of its complicated construction and finishing. We got to May 24 and requested an update because that was a shipping due date and were informed that everything is moving slower because of the COVID induced logjam of urgency from all manufacturers. We had a great meeting today with our production partner and expressed the extreme necessity that we get our frames ASAP (yesterday, actually). They understand our predicament. From their side they have a whole bunch of other brands banging their door down with similar requests. We were shown screen shots of various pleas from other companies and it all feels a bit overwhelming. Everyone is important. Nobody is important. How do you explain to the car next to you in traffic that YOU really need to get home in time for dinner more than they do? But in the past when we’ve had these meetings they have spurred action, almost as if they bump our projects back to the front burner. We are hopeful that Donkeys will start moving more efficiently again. We are also investigating third party “fixers” who can tap their networks to find otherwise unavailable solutions for speeding up production. Time will tell. We would say this: All Donkeys on order are subject to continued delays. That’s just how it is. We apologize for this, we feel the pressure and urgency, and we know that we can only pressure so hard before we do relational damage with our production partners which would have a negative effect on delivery timelines, not a positive effect. It is easy to see how current factors could result in late June shipping of frames to Taiwan to the USA. We are still actively working on this to try to improve the outcome.

May 20 update: No delays to report. QC is scheduled for the 24th so we will receive an update on that on Monday.

May 3rd update: Production delays in carbon manufacturing seem to be some of the toughest right now. The additional manual labor involved in carbon frame manufacturing has set us back further than the steel Flaanimals are. Carbon finishing such as sanding and painting in Taiwan is done by subcontractors that are used by a lot of the same bike companies. Paint, putty, and sanding are the final steps for our frames and they are being completed as we speak, but our frustration is that we seem to be taking delays as other companies get their frames moved up the queue in front of us, bumping our bikes down the list.

Current schedule has production completing May 20th. After QC check they would ship via air on or close to the 24th (per air courier schedules). We will fly in as many frames as we can afford arriving in Denver end of May. Air freight costs are approximately 10x that of ocean freight costs so we are not able to fly in every frame. The balance of frames will ship via ocean and typical ocean transit time is 25-30 days.

Potential for future delays include delays in painting or if QC catches any paint issues that have to go back for correction.

Spork 3.0


All Spork 3.0 that are completed are being allocated to framesets right now. We expect to resume retail 3.0 fork shipments in late September or October. We’ve worked hard to increase supply and expect those efforts to really begin paying off in October.


We expect any new retail Spork orders to ship late August or Early Sept.

06-17 update:

We have a batch of Spork 3.0 shipping next week to pre order customers. We’ve added a note on the Spork product page advising any new customers that further sporks could be as late as the end of the year to ship. We’re adding additional Spork production capacity in Taiwan and when this capacity comes online we will remove that notice and hopefully ship Sporks sooner AND ultimately be able to keep Sporks in stock.

May 28 update: We’re pretty much caught up with Spork backorders as of this week. We received another shipment and got them sent out. It will probably be mid June before we see more Sporks, but they are moving…

May 20 update: We have a shipment of Sporks coming via FedEx presently and those are allocated to fulfilling existing backorders. Shipping to customers the week of the 24th.

May 17 update: Retail Spork 3.0s continue to arrive and ship regularly. We haven’t fully caught up on the backorders but we are shipping forks faster than orders come in and we expect to be caught up on fork backorders around the end of May.

Explorts / Clothing

We improved the clip design on Exports and that caused a month delay in production. New Explorts ETA is mid to late August.

We will have five new jersey designs in stock late the week of 08-09.

Small parts orders

06-17 update Raw metal stock is what is causing our small parts delays. Aluminum and steel availability has plummeted as demand has sored. We’ve seen this impact crankset, headset, bottom bracket, and accessory manufacturers as well. We’re currently shopping for other CNC shops to fill backorders such as the Spork 3 eyelet kits and to get ahead of shortages in derailleur hangers, etc.

Small parts orders are subject to a lot of volatility. Machining 50 sets of dropouts is considered a small project for our manufacturing partners and they will quite often de-prioritize those orders to fulfil larger orders. We are increasing our small parts stock orders so that our orders gain higher priority in the future. In the mean time parts tend to arrive with frame and fork shipments. Backorders are shipped as they arrive.

Flaanimal 2021

Here is a sample paragraph from a typical supplier update. We removed the supplier’s name from this because we are definitely not calling any suppliers out right now. Everyone is in the same boat and everyone is doing the best that they can.