In attempt to keep our customers and supporters as up to date as possible we will be updating this page with current known and estimated lead times for our products. As always, please do contact us if we can be of assistance or if your order has been adversely impacted.


Since our previous production update the industry has continued to see extremely challenging supply chain, transport, and production capacity delays. The shortest possible explanation of the situation is that demand for cycling products is at historic highs, and the “just in time” bicycle manufacturing infrastructure has simply not been able to respond to that demand with increased supply in a timely manner. Rodeo Labs products are very much impacted, as are products for virtually every other cycling related brand in the world.

Rodeo does have unique challenges due to scale: Whereas larger brands may be able to negotiate for priority in the supply chain we are often left at a disadvantage due to our much smaller scale. We don’t have a lot of weight to throw around so to speak.

That said we are in constant communication with our manufacturing partners and component suppliers to get our 2021 bikes and products landed and delivered as quickly as possible. We are relentless when it comes to advocating for our customers and understand the trust and support shown to us as each person decides to pick Rodeo Labs in a sea of cycling options.

A year ago we began to see signs of these challenges forming and begun to take steps to increase production and component orders in order to try to get ahead of the surge. When we ordered bulk parts orders in June and July and new frames in August we could not have anticipated that ten months later we would still be trying to get those orders landed. Had we not started planning when we did we would have had no 2021 to speak of, as anything order in the waning months of 2020 is now more likely to arrive in 2022. From one perspective the delays are horrible and incredibly frustrating, from the other perspective we feel like we’ve just dodged a huge existential bullet.

Even though the year has been and will continue to be full of challenges, I am quite proud of the team here in Denver who work so hard to configure, source, and build each bike that we deliver. We’ve acted with incredible agility when it comes to sourcing parts, configuring bikes, and planning as well as possible for continued supply chain difficulties. I’m also proud of our commitment to be available for all customers if they chose to send us an email or call us on the phone. If you have an order with Rodeo Labs or are considering one you will find a human who cares here to work with you.

We all thank you for your support!

Stephen Fitzgerald

Founder / Rodeo Labs

Product Timelines:

Flaanimal 5.0

May 3rd update: Production has completed on 75% if our first batch of 2021 frames. Some frames have in fact already landed and been delivered to early customers. We have been hit with considerable delays with these framesets but are attempting to offset those delays as much as possible by flying a huge percentage of frames in as air cargo instead of ocean cargo. Air cargo shipping is a massively expensive endeavour, especially in the current global shipping environment, but we’ve decided to spend the extra money to help get more people riding sooner. We expect a large wave of Flaanimals to hit Denver on / around May 15, with more frames landing via ocean 3-4 weeks later.

Flaanimal Ti

May 3rd update: No delays to report. Titanium manufacturing is more boutique and our supplier is still on target to complete frames on schedule late July. Transport times will vary, but initial frames will land throughout the month of August (01 through 31st)

Traildonkey 3.1

May 3rd update: Production delays in carbon manufacturing seem to be some of the toughest right now. The additional manual labor involved in carbon frame manufacturing has set us back further than the steel Flaanimals are. Carbon finishing such as sanding and painting in Taiwan is done by subcontractors that are used by a lot of the same bike companies. Paint, putty, and sanding are the final steps for our frames and they are being completed as we speak, but our frustration is that we seem to be taking delays as other companies get their frames moved up the queue in front of us, bumping our bikes down the list.

Current schedule has production completing May 20th. After QC check they would ship via air on or close to the 24th (per air courier schedules). Arriving in Denver end of May.

Potential for future delays include delays in painting or if QC catches any paint issues that have to go back for correction.

Spork 3.0

May 3rd update: A large batch of Spork 3.0 landed in Denver today and are being shipped out to pre-orders presently. Pre-orders will exhaust this entire shipment. More Sporks are due by May 15th.


Explorts arrived April 29th. All pre-orders have shipped and we are holding reserves for size corrections before posting the balance to the website.

Small parts orders

Small parts orders are subject to a lot of volatility. Machining 50 sets of dropouts is considered a small project for our manufacturing partners and they will quite often de-prioritize those orders to fulfil larger orders. We are increasing our small parts stock orders so that our orders gain higher priority in the future.

Flaanimal 2021