In attempt to keep our customers and supporters as up to date as possible we will be updating this page with current known and estimated lead times for our products. As always, please do contact us if we can be of assistance or if your order has been adversely impacted. For 2022 we’re starting the page with a blank canvas. Generally speaking conditions in the bike and manufacturing sectors have not improved, and supply of raw materials, production time, factory capacity, and shipping capacity are all quite strained. We continue to advocate quite hard for the completion of our products that are in the manufacturing pipeline, and we’re dedicated to delivering every bike as quickly as possible.


FL50 have been picked up from the airport and are at Rodeo HQ. We only now need the Sporks to arrive so we can start shipping and building the last batch of the 2021 frames.

Drive side Flaanimal derailleur hanger sliders have also arrived which will help us move out FLTi orders and ship any derailleur hanger backorders. Those frames are also waiting for the same Sporks to arrive.

Spork 3.0 are still on track for January 28th arrival as long as flights aren’t delayed.

For 2022 production FL50 we’ve got some less than stellar news on the raw materials side that could delay the April 2022 frames until June. This situation is still very fluid so we are working hard to find a way to mitigate that. It is worth putting the info out there now so as to be as transparent as possible. The last thing we want to do is disappoint people with late bikes in 2022!


Flaanimal 5.0

Great news. The remaining 2021 Flaanimal 5.0 frames have ARRIVED at the Denver shipping depot. There is currently a small blizzard ongoing so we may need to pick up tomorrow, but they have in fact arrived and we are thrilled for every victory we can report.


Quick update:

Flaanimal 5.0 and Flaanimal Ti:

  1. We ran out of sliding drive side dropouts last week which caused shipments of both platforms to grind to a halt. Normally this would never be an issue and we’ve always planned to have excess stock of dropouts, but our supplier is two months late on dropouts and now we’re dealing with the consequences. The good news: We already have more sliders en-route via FedEx and are projected to arrive this week.
  2. We also ran out of Sporks this last week. This also shouldn’t have happened, but it did, for a number of inane reasons. The good news there is that we’ve already completed plenty more forks and have already arranged transport. They are due in Denver on January 28th.

So, pending the arrival of both of these essential parts we’ll be back on track shipping Ti and steel framesets right around January 28th. We aren’t sitting still in-house. We’re all hands on deck media blasting all of the Flaanimal Ti frames on order so that they are ready to box or build when the sliders and forks arrive.


We know that we are getting close to the estimated cargo ready date of January 28th for TD3.1 so we reached out last week for a production update at the factory. We were finally alerted last night that the frames are not yet complete. They are through putty and prep but waiting in line at the paint shop in Taiwan. Paint seems to be our nemesis in 2021 and now 2022. We are attempting some delicate negotiations to try to gain priority in the paint shop schedule but don’t have anything concrete to share from those efforts yet. We will update this page as we do have more to share.

Things like this WILL keep happening in 2022. We’ve planned our production schedules carefully and we’re getting better at anticipating disruption to supply chain, but we know that more curve balls will happen this year that will require a tremendous amount of determination and creativity to overcome. Thanks for bearing with us.


Spork 3.0

We got a nice batch on time last week and used every for towards shipping fork backorders and bikes. We were due another shipment this week but it looks like it will be delayed and arrive next week due to… you guessed it: delays in the paint shop. Once this shipment arrives we don’t expect to have any more fork availability issues in 2022.

Flaanimal 5.0

We expected frames this week so we reached out to our freight forwarder yesterday. Freight forwarders are the agents that actually move your cargo through ports and onto trucks, etc. They responded this morning that due to Port of LA congestion the cargo moved through the docks and warehouses absurdly slow, but it was put on a truck on Monday and will now arrive in Denver on the 26th. Now that the frames are ON THE TRUCK to Denver, we expect the date of the 26th to hold.


This is the first update of the year and for now we’re only going to cover remaining 2021 products that we need to deliver, as no 2022 products are late or due to arrive for a few more months at least.

TD3.1: Our December batch was bumped in the paint shop in Taiwan and is no due to be ready to ship to Denver at the end of January 2022 if QC completes smoothly. We are quite regularly pushed out of our place in production queues overseas because big brands have more leverage to push their projects through more quickly and in front of small brands. This probably won’t change much in 2022 and will continue to introduce unpredictability in our supply chain.

Flaanimal 5.0: Our remaining 2021 frames have cleared Port Of LA and are en route to Denver. We don’t have an exact arrival date in Denver and have no control of the pace of transport from LA to Denver. We will simply be notified when they are ready to pick up in Denver and we are hoping for right around the middle of January based on previous shipping timelines.

Custom Paint: There are plenty of people in the custom paint or Cerakote queue with existing orders. Turn time on new custom paint projects is probably about four months out, and all of our painter’s energy is going into catching up with the backlog of existing projects. They are working as fast as possible without cutting corners on quality. We’re working to add Cerakote capacity to our workflow in particular in order to speed up our standard color projects and leave the complicated custom projects with our local partner where they will be best executed.

Spork 3.0: We expect supply to improve dramatically in 2022 and we have a shipment landing in Denver right around the middle of January. We expect to not go out of stock on forks for the entirety of 2022 once this shipment arrives.

Fender bridges for frames are now in stock. If you need one or have an overdue order that hasn’t shipped yet please reach out so we can rectify that.

Generally speaking our customer service is pretty overwhelmed with email volume right now but we’re putting in extra time to get caught up. Covid cases have affected our office just like everywhere else and keeping everyone safe and properly quarantined when necessary is a priority.