Update: Trailnuggets have grown up and moved out into their own website. We will leave this info here for posterity because they were born here, but you can find out the full scoop and where to buy at

Here’s a lab project that has grown some legs of it’s own: Rodeo Trail Nuggets.

Back Story: One of Rodeo’s founders, Stephen Fitzgerald, has a family connection with a bakery in the Pacific Northwest. Bake Works is run by his dad and his brother and has been a family business for almost 20 years. When we say bakery, we mean a fully modern food creation facility that serves healthy (and guilty pleasure) products to millions of people around the USA every year. They had previously asked to sponsor a team, but didn’t have any products that fit well with sports nutrition. Enter Rodeo. We decided to collaborate with them to dream up a bar of our own the way we wanted it done: Simple, all natural, and delicious. The result is the Rodeo Trail Nugget! Here’s the surprising part: After six months of testing, we, and our many many testers UNANIMOUSLY say they don’t suck! In the beginning we thought the awesome feedback was just people being nice, but over time we’ve come to accept that we did in fact create a delicious and dare we say healthy sports nutrition bar capable of fueling our adventures AND making our taste buds happy! w00t, indeed!

The ingredient list of each of the three flavors only made up of ingredients and words you’d know and understand. The bars are all natural, vegan, raw, kosher, and gluten free.

Trail Nuggets will be available for sale very very soon in our store ,on The Feed, and hopefully at a store or shop near you! If you’d like to be notified when they are, there is a form at the bottom of the page and as always, we promise not to spam you.

To tide you over, here are some photos from our beta testing journey over the last six months. Giddyup!

Video of our first production run at Bake Works August 13th, 2014.


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