Rodeo Wheels custom color decals


Rodeo 2.0 carbon rims are matte black by default, but the logo debossing in the rim provides a perfect template for personalizing your wheelset and customizing your bike build. We have a full library of 3M, Avery, and Orcal vinyls from which we can cut and apply almost any color. When ordering custom colors, simply add a note for which color you’d like us to try to match. If you would like to discuss color options before ordering please give us a ring or shoot us an email at

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Red, Royal Blue, Green, Celeste, Khaki, Orange, Pink, Rodeo 1.0 Rainbow, Dark Matte Brown, White, Matte Black, Dark Grey, Yellow, Metallic blue-green, Metallic Deep Purple, Baby Blue, Reflective Royal Blue, Dark Metallic Grey, Metallic Copper


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