Flaanimal 12mm mechanical flat mount slider

Flaanimal 12mm mechanical flat mount slider


Every version of the Flaanimal has interchangeable dropouts. Flaanimal 3.0 and beyond support flat mount disc brakes but typically only hydro flat mounts fit because mechanical flat mounts have a much wider caliper.

We’ve solved this issue with an alternative flat mount option: The off-the-back flat mount slider. This moves the caliper behind the chain stay where it has plenty of room for larger calipers.

By default Flaanimal comes with the hydro flat mount slider. This mechanical flat mount slider is only necessary if your brakes don’t fit the default slider.

This slider can be used to upgrade older Flaanimals with ISO or post mount brakes to the newer flat mount standard.

This part was developed entirely for Flaanimal framesets and is compatible with our standard 12mm through axle.

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Aluminum. Anodized. 12mm through axle configuration. CNC machined by a robot, with love.