1.0 was our first ever kit. We don’t offer it for sale anymore, but we are leaving this page here for the sake of our overall story.

Rodeo is a design oriented team because we think just like cycling, design is another opportunity to express ourselves and explore new things. Cycling is full of kits that look like logo billboards and NASCAR homages. We want to avoid that. There are many people trying fresh things with design and cycling, and Rodeo wants to contribute to that conversation.

Rodeo will offer 2 – 3 kits seasonally, usually oriented around road, mtb, and cyclocross seasons. Kits will be available as pre-order only. Our designs have a finite window of availability. Once we evolve to a new look the old look will be phased out permanently. We hope to keep our designs classy from a distance and amusing up close. We are very serious about not being over serious. Each kit order gets it’s own number designation. We started at 1.0, we re-ordered as 1.1, and now it’s time for 1.2.

The base kit consists of Castelli Team Jersey and Aero Race Bibshorts /w X2 for the guys and Kiss3 for the ladies. If you are going to spend countless hours in the saddle, you may as well do it in the most comfortable gear available.


We were so pleased with the San Remo in kit 1.0 that we added the shorts part of it to this order: The Body Paint bibshort is, in our opinion, the best bibshort ever made. Body Paint knit fabric integrates most components into a single piece of seamless fabric: Instead of sewn on grippers, they are molded into the garment. Speed dimples are molded in as well. When you try it on, you get where the name comes from right away. In addition to comfort, it’s also Castelli’s most aerodynamic short. Yeah, this short costs a premium over the Aero Race, but for those that want a short that represents the cutting edge in cycling gear, we wanted to make it available.


Wind Vest – $80


What is the point of having a nice looking kit if you cover it all up on chilly days? A vest is a mandatory bit of gear for any cyclist except the ones who live in climates that never dip below tropical. If our main kit is all about the details, the vest provides some relief for the eyes. Vests tend to come out on cold days so we used a highly visible shade of blue and we accented it with only the most lightweight of graphics. Rodeo redux.


San Remo Road Suit -X2 Air pad – $220

The San Remo Road Suit is the single most comfortable piece of cycling kit ever created. Nobody is paying us to say that. We ride them and we speak from experience. The Body Paint short is the best fitting short we’ve ever worn, and it is merged with an Aero Race jersey on the top half to form a one piece of road cycling and racing perfection second to none in aerodynamics, fit, and ergonomics. Breathability is off the charts, and this is an excellent kit for warm to hot weather cycling. Three rear pockets ensure that function isn’t lost in the pursuit of speed. If you’ve already got a dresser full of normal kits and want to try something “next-level”, we give this garment our highest recommendation.

Take the time to get your size right!

This is Castelli’s official sizing chart. Please check it our shortly.

Here is some size reference:

Steef on the left is 6’1″ (1.85m) tall and weighs about 175lbs (79.37kg). He wears size Large in everything and it fits perfectly.

Peder in the middle is slightly shorter, but is strong like ox! He wears an L short and and M jersey and vest. L SanRemo. Fits perfectly.

Chris on the right is a hobbit (kidding!) and he weighs in the 150s when not drinking too much beer. He wears M/M/M. Fitz perfectly.

Patrick is pictured on the kit page and he is a bit shorter and lighter than Chris, he is S/S/S and is as happy as a clam with the fit. He also climbs really fast.


If you are in complete agony about what size to order, maybe we can help. Shoot us a good pic and some specs and we can give our advice.

Take the time to get this right! Every kit is made for the person who orders it. We don’t do refunds, we don’t do returns. If you order the wrong size your best hope is to trade or sell to another Rodeoer, but we hate to see you kitless.


this is the final order of the 1.X design. We will never offer it again. Before the fall we will pre-order our Fall/Winter Cyclocross inspired kit.

Anyone can purchase a kit, but by purchasing a kit, you agree to follow the core values as well as you are able. You also agree that, formally or informally, you are one of us. It doesn’t matter where you live, it doesn’t matter what you ride- when you kit up, you’re Rodeo.

Orders take ROUGHLY six weeks to manufacture. When they are shipped to Rodeo HQ they are mailed to purchasers shortly thereafter.

International purchasers, we are happy to announce that we have plenty of experience shipping around the world now. Rodeo is global, and we will send a kit wherever there is mail service.

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