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Georgia Rodeo Rally – Vogel Springs – May 15

If you are in the Georgia vicinity or within distance of the drive we highly recommend the Georgia Rodeo Rally events that one of our O.G. Rodeoers Mike Smith has been putting on and hosting. Mike is super passionate about community building and puts on these terrific, challenging, and inclusive rides to which all are welcome. He often builds multiple courses per event so that people can dial in the challenge for themselves. Even if you aren’t in the local area it is worth keeping an eye on the Georgia Rodeo Rally Facebook group as he has ideas for expanding the territory of where the rides take place and he is working on ideas with partners as well. Check it out and sign up here.

Please read through ALL of the following information before coming or signing up. All Rallies are self supported, non competitive social / distanced group rides with friends. There is no event support of any kind besides posting basic course plots, starting time, and guidance on how we would prepare ourselves and our bikes for the rides. Participate at your own risk.

May 15, 2021
Ride Time 9:30am
Location: 405 Vogel State Park Road, Blairsville, GA 30512
Ride Start: Vogel State Park
Parking Fee – $5Friends/Hosts:
Rodeo Adventure Labs –
Ridge Supply –


The Vogel Spring Happening welcomes you to the mountain community of Blairsville, Ga to ride 47, 38 & 16 miles with us on our favorite gravel roads amid the Chattahoochee National Forest. The Rally begins and ends in Vogel State Park and in between riders will be ear-grinnin’ and shoutin’ for joy as they dash among the routes within the Cooper Creek WMA. GA Rodeo Rally is serving up 3 routes for the Vogel Spring Happening – Short, Intermediate and Long. All the routes have a bit paved sections than the previous Rallies and the good news is the long climbs are not present. There are legit store stops also referred to as Bonk Stops which are well placed before the last climb of the day! The gravel flows and the routes have a good balance of paved/gravel….

If you are newish to gravel, looking to expand your limit while wanting to get a taste of riding in the mountains, the short route is a perfect route to experience to wonders of gravel riding. The equation is simple S + I = L or something like that. The math might be a bit fuzzy but hey, where here to ride gravel not math. Pick a route and pick your fun seems to be the only answer…

The concept is simple; we lay out a course, give you directions via GPX/TCX files and it is up to you to find your way from the start to the finish. Ride with a group or go as fast as you like. No one is coming to change your flat tire, bring you hand sanitizer or give you a mask. Everything you do is up to you and your personal protection. It is like a really long social distance group ride. No support. No sag. No aid stations. No spreading. Just you, your bike, a mask and the gravel in front of you. There is no entry fee. None. Zero. Zip. Join us for a post ride social distance REFUEL in the parking lot.These are not easy routes – Be Prepared!

Entry Fee – $0
Start Time – 9:30am
The Routes – Long – 46.8 miles with 5300ft gain and store stop at mile 41; Intermediate – 38.4 miles 4500ft gain and store stop at mile 32.5; Short – 15.9 miles with 1700 ft gain and store stop at mile 10.1
Recommended tire width – >35

This is a self-supported event with one store stop. Be prepared to carry what you need.After-Party from 1-5pm – Bring a lawn chair/cooler and 6+ feet – Also, if you plan to Après Rally, be sure to bring a cup or other drinking container to put adult beverages in – the Park Police do cruise by the lot from time to time.

Fine Print: There will be no visible markers for the course – not marked at all. Do your homework ahead of time and load the course to a GPS device – duh! GPS error, off course, etc. is part of the experience most devices/mapping software are reliable, but they all have quirks. Have a plan B!

Rally Links:
Ride with GPS – all 3 routes…***GA Rodeo Rally Covid-19 Guidelines***
PLEASE follow these GA Rodeo Rally guidelines for the safety of yourself and others
• Bring your own PPE (mask & hand sanitizer)
• Bring your own water and nutrition (be self-sufficient)
• Stand at least 6 feet apart from one another
• Wear a face cover / mask when you are unable to social distance or stand 6 feet apart
• Wash your hands often and use hand sanitizer
• Do not offer or accept to shake hands, hug, elbow bumps, fist pumps etc. (in other words try avoiding touching anyone)
• Please keep physical socializing to a minimum, use your phone or other means to communicate instead
• The CDC recommends persons who are sick with fever or cough, the elderly or those at high risk, to stay at home
• If you know you have had contact with someone diagnosed with having COVID-19 in the last 14 days, or you yourself have had COVID-19 in the last 30 days, please stay at home.

GA Rodeo Rally will put into place the following measures
• Rally is 100% outside with ample room to social distance prior, during and after the Ride
• Staff will wear face covers / masks anytime they are near others (less than 6 feet)
• No high fives, fist bumps or hugs
• Hand sanitizer & disinfecting wipes will be available for anyone at start/finish
• No water, fluid replacement, nutrition or snacks will be provided (BYOE – Bring Your Own Everything)
• Participants will be stager started and spaced at least 6 feet apart
• Après Rally will be spaced 6+ feet apart and outside

COVID-19 Resources
• CDC –
• GA Dept of Public Health –

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