We often get the question “What is Rodeo?”. That is a very good question, one that seems to be constantly evolving. One thing is for sure though, Rodeo started as a team of like minded individuals who enjoy cycling in its many forms and it will keep being that as long as people want to come along. When we first put up this site and wrote down what it is that we wanted to be about we were overwhelmed with the response. People from literally all over the world wanted to come along for the ride. Being global wasn’t something that occurred to us, but we thought “why not, what an honor!” and since that point we’ve been welcoming members and shipping kits worldwide to those that want to fly the Rodeo colors. It’s been hard to communicate our global nature effectively, and until now we haven’t had a way to connect far flung members, but we think we may finally have found a solution to the problem. Introducing the Rodeo Labs World Member Map.

The purpose of this map is to help build the team’s sense of community. You may be the only Rodeoer in your city, but there may be more of you, and why not go for a ride together? Or maybe you are taking a trip from Finland to America and would love to touch base with a Rodeo local in your destination city? How cool would it be if you could pull up a map, find a member, and make that connection. We think it would be awesome!

To start this map we’ve added everyone in our kit order database. We’ve taken out street addresses and other personal info and let Google place pins as accurately as possible with Country, City, State, Province, and Postal Code info. If you are on the map Google may or may not have your pin in the correct spot by default. Feel free to move the pin around. If you don’t want to be on the map feel free to delete your pin or ask us to do it for you. Everyone is able edit pins, so if you’d like to add a photo and contact info, please do! If you don’t have a kit and still want to be Rodeo, NO PROBLEM! Just add your own pin anyway. If you are just a friend of the team but you are on another team you can add a pin anyway. Rodeo is NOT exclusive.

This map should be considered a lab project. We are learning as we go and we want to make it awesome. If you know how to customize Google Maps or have an idea to contribute to the map, please let us know.

Cheers! – The Rodeo Team

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