Rodeo x Biggs window stickers


While working on the Lambouflage jersey with Mr. Biggs we realized that we needed to make some stickers as well. To start we took each of the animals represented on the Lambouflage jersey and made them into 4″ window stickers. The Trialdonkey, Flaanimal, and Lamb each got their own sticker, signed with a tiny Biggs signature.

Brian also worked up a hand lettered Schralp! sticker for us based on the term we first heard from one of our own friends here in Denver. Schralping is very similar to shredding or brapping, and is (as far as we know) simply the act of riding your bike with stylish, aggressive flair.

Shipping is included in the price of each of these stickers and these will be sent via standard USPS letter. If you just ordered a Lambouflage jersey just add a note to your order and we will ship them together.