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I’ve had my eye on the Gates Flaanimal single speed build for a long time. I noticed that the price has increased from $2800 to $3,645 recently. Why is that?

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Steve The Intern Changed status to publish November 11, 2019


Thanks for the note. There are a couple of factors in increased pricing and a couple of potential solves.

Increases: We buy parts on the spot market instead of warehousing them so if spot pricing goes up we have to update build pricing from time to time. We may have also increased the build spec of the bike i.e. better cranks, wheels, cockpit, etc. Or we may have updated costs due to revised standard part pricing such as a new Gates compatible crank. As we build more belt drive we learn more about what works and sometimes we learn that a previously specced part such as a crank or gear ratio isn’t compatible with the frameset. When that happens we update the build spec with what we know works.

How to get the cost down: Every bike we build is specced to suit. We could go from carbon rims to aluminum rims to help get the cost down for you. We’re also about to have a November sale as we move out our 4.1 stock. Custom builds will be 10% off so that would save a significant amount as well.



Steve The Intern Changed status to publish November 11, 2019
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