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Hey there,

what length stem do y’all spec on the 54 and 56 TD3? My current road bike is a 54 but I am running a 110 stem 44 bars. I am 5.10 ish barefoot and have a 31.75 inseam barefoot. What size would you put me on? Lastly, when do you expect naked frames to be back in stock? Many thanks!


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Hi Jean!

Your road setup seems really unique for fit. On a 54cm we are typically speccing about a 90mm stem but we can spec any stem length you like. At 5’10” you would traditionally fit a 56cm based on 90% of the fits we do.

Naked 54 should be back in stock early May.


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Thanks so much for your fast reply and information. I have always felt my current set up was a little small so I think I would go 56 for a TD3. I will keep and eye out for naked in 56 to be back in stock.



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