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Hey Guys

I hope you’re well across the ponds and the bike trade is still moving nicely.

I have a very good customer of ours who would like to buy a Donkey. He’s made me aware of the Rodeo Labs brand, and seeing as we are really into our gravel and off road riding here, I’d be really interested to know if we could be a retailer for Rodeo?

We have a shop in Jersey, UK, called Big Maggys. Please check our our instagram and Facebook. We are boutique, high end shop that does many custom builds, and are the main gravel/cross shop in the region.

Let me know if this is a possibility, we’d love to see if we can make a relationship work

Many thanks


Steve The Intern Answered question September 15, 2021

Thanks for the note. We’d love to build relationships in the UK in the future especially since we don’t sell there direct due to how complex VAT is. We can’t quite do that until supply chain stabilizes through. Hopefully that will be in 2022!

Steve The Intern Answered question September 15, 2021