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Four questions.

  1. What is the max rotor side front and rear?
  2. Will a flat mount to post mount caliper adapter work with fork and sliders.
  3. If I choose to change/customize the decal colors after purchase, do you supply an PDF or JPEG of the 5.0 Flaanimal graphics layout.
  4. Distance between Non-drive side arm and chainstay for Ultegra R8000 cranks. (power meter clearance)
  5. In the Chainring Compatibility section of the specifications, it is stated “half link chain recommended” for single speed use. Is this correct?

Thank you!

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 22, 2021


1. 160mm is the max rotor size front and rear
2. Yes flat to post mount adapters work front and rear. (160mm)
3. We do not supply graphic or cut files for our bikes. We cut and apply decals here per the options on the product page.
4. For crank arm based non drive side power meters we know that Stages will not clear the chain stay at all. 4iiii do not fit in standard configuration but if you space the crank arm 1mm out it can be made to fit. That is a non standard installation so it isn’t something we do on our builds.
5. Half link chains are great because they allow smaller adjustment increments for setting the chain tension. You may use a standard chain if you like but it would take more attention to set up precisely the way you want.

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 22, 2021
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