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I’m planning to order a Flanimal 5.0 framesets and building a 2x. I’m looking at the build components store and wondering if there’re any hardware I should order as well. eg, do I need to get the slider hardware or those are included? I’d appreciate your recommendations.


Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 24, 2021


If you are building with modern Shimano the front derailleur will have a housing stop and no additional hardware will be needed.

If you are using an older Shimano front mech or a Sram front mech you would need our optional housing stop clamp which we supply at no cost but it must be requested. Make sure you get a front derailleur with a built in clamp mount or order a separate clamp when purchasing a clampless front derailleur. The frame does not have a built in front derailleur mount / clamp.

Sliders, axles, and seatpost collar are included with the frame.

You will need to source everything else including headset, BB, and a headset compression plug in particular. Don’t use a star nut in any carbon steer tube!


Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 24, 2021
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