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7.19K viewsOrderingTraildonkey 3.1 & 3.0

I know I want to order a TD3. How long does it take for a complete build to arrive?

Soren Klingsporn Changed status to publish May 13, 2019

We typically estimate between one and three weeks to execute a complete Rodeo build. Every part of your build is ordered when your build spec is finalized. We’ll give you a lead time estimate as we discuss your build with you. The causes for delays on builds would relate to parts being out of stock from our vendors and you would most likely be notified ahead of time if we saw a potential conflict. Sometimes unforeseen delays arrive in the form of a large build backlog, inaccurate shipping estimates from parts vendors, etc. When we encounter a delay we reach out to each customer to keep them in the loop on the status of their bike.

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish January 9, 2019