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I am about ready to pull the trigger on a TD3.1, I have seen a few places on the site to pay half as a deposit and half to commence the build. I was curious if this is still an option? I am a graduate student so the ability to spread the payments would be massively helpful.

Also, I am in between sizes for the 58cm and 61cm frames. I have ridden 58cm frames in the past with reasonable comfort. I understand I can swap the stem/move seat forward later on to adjust reach, in your opinion, would it be better to go with the larger frame?

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Howdy! We don’t have a deposit function available with our website software but if you shoot us a note through the contact form we can get that going for you.

We’re happy to do fit consultations via email as well. Shoot us key metrics like height and inseam and any other notes you have and we can get the conversation going.


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