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Good Afternoon,

I am an athletic 6’4″ and 240 lbs in riding gear and am considering the Flaanimal 5.0 or possibly the TD4 for my single speed ride, I am big but do not ride like a 600 pound man and plan on cruising primarily midwest gravel, unloaded. Regarding the frameset rider weight limit of 251 lbs, what sorts of things go in to the limit and what should be considered when approaching it?  Would I still have the option of additional gear?

Thank you!

Mike M Edited question March 6, 2024


We are confident that TD4 and Flaanimal 5 are more than adequate for your needs, and yes could also load the bike up for things like bikepacking. We set the official weight limit low out of an extreme abundance of caution, but the real world limit is meaningfully higher.

If you load the bike up for bikepacking, one great technique to spread the weight load is to use a Tailfin system and an axle mount, that puts much of the weight of the Tailfin and cargo on the wheelset, not the frameset itself.



Mike M Posted new comment March 11, 2024

Perfect, it put my mind at ease hearing from the intern himself.