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Stephen- I currently ride a Felt F1 (56). I know the specs on my race bike won’t match the TD but the Felt specs seem to fall mostly in-between the 54 and 56. I’m 5’10” but feel I may be more comfortable with a 54 for the TD. Any recommendations you could provide with a frame size for me? I can also provide the specs on my Felt frame if that would help. Thanks!

TJ Windsor Answered question April 4, 2019

At 5’10 it would be very surprising to see you on a 54cm. You are almost certainly a 56cm unless you have really interesting proportions. When fits go in to the grey area we often recommend a local fitter if you want to be 100% but 95% of our riders fit a very standard fit range and you seem to be a 56cm.

Steve The Intern Answered question April 4, 2019
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