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Other than a lb. or so difference in weight, what are the real differences in steel vs Ti? Are the life expectancies different? Never ridden a Ti frame before (mostly steel and a few carbon) and trying to decide if it’s worth it?

Korey Asked question May 30, 2023

Functionally speaking the steel and Ti Flaanimals are essentially identical. You’ll have a very similar riding experience on either, even with frame weight factored in. Ti factors in for people who do care about that one less pound, but to us the bigger reason for Ti is that it is more or less considered “forever bike” material. Steel is very durable and our frames are dipped to resist corrosion, but Titanium is utterly impervious to corrosion or elemental factors, and in that sense can take more abuse, neglect, or even just fend off the effects of salty or wet climates in a way that steel can’t quite match. Titanium may have just a bit springier ride quality than steel as well, but both metals are known for their compliance and forgiving ride qualities.

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish May 30, 2023
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