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I’ve fitted the Hope RX4 on my Flaanimal 5.0 build. They are for 160mm disks. Since they are 4 piston and have a wide body I had to go with the mechanical flat mount slider in the rear as they are too wide to fit between the seat stays and the wheel. Not super nice looking but looking at the forest I ride is more important.
On the front, I fitted the Hope caliper onto a SRAM AM flat mount bracket (00.5318.018.000) because straight on the Spork and the calipers will rub against the disc. With the bracket, the brake pads sit a little too high on the disc. Can you recommend a better bracket/adapter? Thanks!

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish February 1, 2021

Philip. Hope calipers are 160mm only and are made specifically with one version each for front and rear. No mounting plates are used they are directly mounted to the frame / fork. If you use a mounting plate the brakes will not operate correctly.

Anonymous Posted new comment April 21, 2021

Thanks Stephen.
Not sure what I have done, because I was sure I had the disc rub against the caliper when I first mounted it to the fork. But of course you are right, no adapter is needed and it is working great now. Thanks again!