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Is the Flaanimal a good bike for touring with front and rear panniers?

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Your question has a multi part answer.

  1. If you own a Flaanimal I wouldn’t discourage you from touring on it. It certainly has rack mounts suitable for touring with gear and it is capable of carrying gear and would be a great way to try touring.
  2. I don’t think someone shopping for a pure loaded touring bike would be better served by the do-it-all Flaanimal than a focused touring bike. A focused touring bike will have specific geometry for carrying heavy loads over long distances. Flaanimal has more general do-it-all geometry that doesn’t lend itself to purely touring.
  3. A lot of people who are bike touring are transitioning from traditional low rider racks and bags and going with frame bags, saddle bags, and fork mounted bikepacking setups these days. In that bikepacking / touring scenario Flaanimal would be an excellent choice.

I hope this helps a bit!


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