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Hi, I am finally building a Trail Donkey 2.1 that I purchased from you back in December. The build uses 105 hydraulic brakes and 1×11 mechanical shifting. I am working on the cable routing, and I think I see that most of your TDs have the shifter cable and brake line run from the right shifter around the head tube to the left side of the frame. The issue is that all of the images have the crank side facing the camera (as proper) and I can’t see where the cables go. So, when routing the shifter cable and the brake cable from the right shifter, which goes through which of the holes on the rider’s-left side of the frame? If one of them goes through the top hole where does it go next—through the top tube or down tube?

As an aside, can the brake and shifter be routed through the lower hole on the left side of the TD frame like you do with the Flaanimal?

I hope I’m not missing something obvious. Anyways, thanks for your help.

Steve The Intern Answered question April 8, 2021

The rear brake line and front derailleur shifter line typically enter on the two drive side ports.
The rear shift line enters through the lower non drive side port.

All lines run through the down tube towards the BB.

The rear shift line and rear brake line enter the chainstays and seat through small internal holes and exit ports further along the chain stays before entering the brake caliper or rear derailleur.

Steve The Intern Answered question April 8, 2021
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