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Dear Rodeo team!

Today is donkey day! Just received my TD 3.1 frame at home.

Now facing same challenge as many of us nowadays: some parts are still missing and out of stock.

I build a SRAM Force AXS mullet with a 1×12 setting. Missing parts are: Crankset (Praxis Zayante is not available).

I try to find a matching alternative and wanted to ask for your experience. What would you recommend? Or is there anything to consider?

My ideas
– SRAM Force 1 DUB. More expensive due to limited T47 BB’s available. Would take a Chris King T47 30X with Dub conversion kit or a C-Bear Cyclocross BB (unsure if this is a good choice for rough terrain)
– SRAM Force 1 GXP, More BB’s available
Is there any other crankset BB combination I should consider for the mullet build?

As I would love to use Zayante I was surprised about the compatibility statement of Praxis: not using SRAM chains. Did recognize any issues with a 1×12 SRAM setup? Could use a KMC chain instead….

Many thanks for the whole service and your support!

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish March 5, 2021

Happy New Donkey Day!

The parts situation is QUITE tough right now.

For the Sram Force 1 Dub we recommend the White Industries T47 BB / Dub / External cups. King is also good. We haven’t heard of C-Bear.

GXP would also work.

BB30 would work but we avoid it because the spindle length is technically a bit odd and requires internal T47 cups to work on a Donkey. (Doesn’t work on Flaanimal at all).

If Praxis doesn’t like Sram chains we would recommend KMC. They make phenomenal chains!

Steve The Intern Changed status to publish March 5, 2021
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