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Colorado: June Rodeo Rally

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!  June Rodeo Rally


Date: Saturday June 25th, wheels down at 8am.


Note: The start location may be changed to the parking lot at the Moffat Tunnel to accommodate vehicles.

Why: Personally, I [Hansel] have enjoyed a productive spring on the road bike, but I keep getting a nagging feeling that I need to go further in the mountains and ride the unchartered dirt: to explore new roads, to find comradery, and to create a memory that will last.

Note: Everyone has their own reason for why they ride. Peoples reasoning is not always the same, but I believe this ride has plenty to offer and I’m sure you’ll find your ‘why’.

Gear: This Rally may test the mettle of your gear. The conditions are largely unknown; there are very few Strava segments and rumors are floating around that 4x4s have broken an axle out there… 40c tire recommended, but I have never judged a man based on the size of his tire. Bring gearing to handle steep pitches 20%+, unless you are already gearing up for cx and will be shouldering your bicycle and running! Finally, do get ready for a high w00t factor!  

Highlights: There is a spot called American City, it may or may not be abandoned, but it will provide a backdrop for epic photographs.

Support: This is an unsupported ride, please bring gear to be self-sustainable, even if we had volunteers for a follow car, who knows if they’d make it through the terrain…

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