Getting my gravel legs: Solo adventures in Corsica

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Hi! I’m Morgan, and I am fairly new to the gravel world. I come from a (semi) long-history of road biking: 10 years, which when considering I’m 28, is a good chunk of my life. Like most folks, I was quickly intrigued by the gravel medium, the off-road possibilities, the chance to pedal on dirt roads far away from aggravated or distracted drivers. I recently spent a week on the French island of Corsica with my van, my road bike, and the newest addition: my super sexy Flaanimal Ti. This bike will soon become my swiss-army-bike: a bike that can excel on any terrain, whether the distance be a short 50k road race or a multi-day bikepacking event in the Alps. But for now, it’s my adventure gravel bike, and boy was I ready to have some of those in a place I’ve never been. Below, I share with you two of my more memorable adventures from my time riding on the island.

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