Flat Mount 160mm rear brake adapter


Flaanimal and Traildonkey both have industry standard flat mount brake caliper mounting points that accept a 140mm rotor if no adapter is used, both front & rear. If you wish to use a 160mm rotor you need a 160mm adapter for your caliper. SRAM rear brake calipers sometimes come with the adapter, but Shimano and other brands do not.

We manufactured this 160mm adapter from scratch, so we know it works perfectly with both Traildonkey and Flaanimal. It adheres to industry standard flat mount guidelines.


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Material: Aluminum, with Stainless Steel bolts which run from the adapter into the caliper. Frame-to-adapter bolts should use the bolts that came with the caliper or frame.

Medium strength threadlocker (typically blue, such as Loctite 243) is necessary on adapter-to-caliper bolts.