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441 viewsSpork 3.0 & 2.0

I have a brand new Spork 3.1 as part of a Unicorn cycles build I am doing. It has been going fine, installed the wheels the other day to just test out drive train. Greased the axles before installation. Torqued the axle to the torque spec on the axle. Spins fine. Just tried to remove it so I can remove the wheel while bleeding the brake and the axle is completely frozen. Ack. This is literally the first and only time this axle has been installed with a wheel (was installed on receipt of the spork as well). It went in no problem – no difficulty turning and I used a torque wrench to tighten. What could be going on. It absolutely won’t budge. At this point I want to get the wheel remove and see if I can diagnose what is happening (worst case hopefully some new spork axle caps and an axle). Any guidance/help would be very much appreciated. Thanks! Mike

Michael Tarr Asked question February 1, 2024