Flaanimal 5.0 / Steel Ti UDH slider system


With the advent of Sram’s new UDH Transmission system, we saw an opportunity to create a new slider system that would allow owners to reconfigure their existing framesets for compatibility with the system. But, with the addition of yet another “standard” in the world of bikes, we did find ourselves sighing deeply at the very need for more hardware. As such, we named our UDH compatible hanger system the Universal Gravel Hanger system, or “ugh” for short.

This kit includes both drive side and non drive side sliders, which are both required, as well as a new rear axle which matches the UDH specification. Additionally, new drive side slider bolts, washers, and stopper bolt are also required and included. The sliders and axles are CNC machined and black anodized.

These parts are compatible with Flaanimal 4, Flaanimal 5, and Flaanimal 5 Titanium.

Shipping 10-20-2023


In stock

UGH is a slider system. It is sold as a complete set, driveside, brake side, axle, and some bolts. It replaces the traditional slider set in its entirety.

There are three main reasons for this:

  1. The new SRAM Transmission requires a UDH mount to secure onto a bike, hence the initial reason to create this system.

  2. The axle line is very specific, so it required us to make a new brake side slider as well to match the drive side.

  3. The axle for SRAM Transmission threads into the derailleur itself, or into a UDH, and those have a 1.0mm thread pitch, while our stock axles use 1.5mm. This reequired that the system comes with the new axle as well.

Now that that’s covered, the UGH is not a hanger, and does not come with a hanger. It is merely a UDH (universal derailleur hanger) mount. You can indeed mount a UDH hanger to the UGH slider if you want to run any traditional mount derailleur that is not SRAM transmission.

The small bolt that sticks towards the wheel is required when using a SRAM transmission, it is for anti-rotation purposes. It is not required when using a UDH and non-transmission derailleur.

The driveside slider uses a sandwich style mount to secure onto the frame. Because it uses more metal and thus more threads, please use the 2 longer M8 bolts that are provided with the kit on the driveside.

The installation instructions for SRAM transmission must be followed to get the best shifting performance. This includes their chain length instructions, because the B tension screw is no longer a feature on that system. Our bike has enough slider range to alter their recommended chain length for proper shifting depending on if your sliders are fully slack or fully tucked. It is not recommended to dramatically alter the slider position without checking the setup afterward. Certain changes can offset these problems without cutting the chain, such as running a 2 tooth larger chainring after sliding the wheel from full back to full tuck. Similarly, if you go up or down in chainring size, try tucking or sliding the wheel a bit to get the chain length proper again without having to cut it.

Please see the photos to get a better idea of the install and what it will look like, as well as the distinction between the slider with a transmission vs the slider with and UDH and standard mount derailleur.