TD4 Integrated Sinewave Dynamo Tail Light


Designed specifically for our TD4 frameset, this bespoke mounting bracket and Sinewave dynamo powered taillight allow for seamless integration and increased visibility whenever you are on the move.

This kit includes the CNC machined TD4 mounting bracket with the Sinewave light already mounted to it.

To install, route the dynamo wire through the seat stay and through the top tube, exiting either through the headset or one of the configurable mounting ports under the top tube, or at the top of the downtube. If the routing lead line that is supplied with the frame has been removed, use a Park Tool internal routing kit, or manually feed the wire up from the seat stay routing hole and fish it out of the exit hole of your choice with a hooked tool such as a dental style pick.

You MUST have a dynamo front hub in order to power this light, it is not compatible with battery power.

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