Rodeo Quite-Nice Headset


For years Rodeo has offered high quality third party headsets on our framesets and builds. We ordered them off the shelf and they did the job. But in recent years we began asking ourselves “Could we build something a bit nicer, a bit more stout?”.

With that in mind we’re pleased to offer the Rodeo Labs Quite-Nice Headsets in both EC44 (Flaanimal) and Integrated (Traildonkey) specs.

Compared to the previous standard headsets we’ve used we improved the overall assemblies in the following ways:

  1. 7075 aluminum CNC machined construction made to our design
  2. Zinc plated angular contact sealed cartridge bearing assemblies
  3. Dual seal upper dust caps
  4. Satin / matte black anodized and laser etched
  5. Rodeo Labs Ultra Beskpoke compression plugs and top caps included (with stainless hardware)

With these headsets we’ve hit the bar we set and we’ve exceeded it. We’re so proud of the final product that we’re not just using them on our standard builds, we’re offering them for sale as stand alone products to anyone looking for a very high quality headset.

All Rodeo bike builds as of April 2022 will ship with these headsets as the standard headset option. All 2022 TD3 headsets will include the Integrated version of this headsets. Flaanimal framesets are available with this headset as an a-la-carte add-on item.

Machined and assembled in Taiwan.

The EC44 headset consists of the parts shown in the image below (plus compression plug assembly), and is compatible with any bicycle that uses an EC44 (44mm) straight head tube and a fork with tapered steer tube (1-1/8″ to 1.5″) steer tube fork.


The Integrated Headset consists of the parts in the image below and is compatible with bicycles that use integrated tapered headsets (IS42 / IS52) and a fork with tapered steer tube (1-1/8″ to 1.5″) steer tube fork. This headset is for use with the Traildonkey 3.