Flaanimal Series Non Drive Side Slider / Flat Mount Brake Mount


Our 2020 Flaanimal sliders have been updated for 2020. The updated drive side and non drive side sliders add 10mm of forward slider range which increases the adjustable chain stay length of the bike to 415mm – 445mm. Now you can tuck your wheel further in towards the front for quicker handling or back your wheel fully out to create a more smooth, unflinching ride. Adjusting your slider position also increases or decreases potential tire clearance. The new non drive side slider is 4g lighter than previous versions which is pretty unimportant but we’re mentioning it anyway. Compatible with Flaanimal 3.0 – 5.0.

These sliders are only compatible with Flaanimal framesets. CNC machined and anodized aluminum.

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