The Atlas Mountain Race miniseries – Episode 2

The last time we heard from the miniseries, Stephen and I introduced the crew heading to the Atlas Mountain Race. With roughly three months until the race kicks off we knew we needed an update. So we caught up with Ashley and David to hear how they are feeling. The conversation that followed is a good reminder that the road to Morocco (or any event) is not linear. Everyone has faced challenges in their preparation. Including, loading the wrong map, losing navigation and a lighting system, a hub disintegrating on the Kokopelli Trail, unplanned night rides with only headlamps, pulling the plug on a big ride, and reflecting on rides long past. In sum, this episode is a good reminder that being human means ups and downs are to be expected. Despite it all, it gives space to reflect and have resets, physical or mental, as well as new goal setting (like finding ways to enjoy riding at night) the crew is honing in on AMR!

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