Flaanimal 3.0 adventure bike

Flaanimal Bleaux 58cm. Ultegra 22 hydro. Rodeo 2.0 carbon wheels.

3.0 Flaanimals are now shipping or have already been delivered to most customers. If you’ve just recieved your Flaanimal you may have a bunch of questions and we are here to help. The first thing to do is read through our new tech doc to see if your question is answered. If it isn’t feel free to get in touch.

Flaanimal Tech Notes

Flaanimal 3.0 is almost completely sold out. Only a couple of framesets remain. If you missed out, don’t worry: We will announce Flaanimal 4.0 in November. It will return to regular pricing but it we think it will up the steel adventure bike game significantly.

Announcing the 3.0 Adopt A Flaanimal Program.

All of the crowd fund Flaanimal 3.0 frames have now shipped to supporters and we are now able to make the remainder of the production frames available for sale at a deeply discounted price due to a series of irregular events.

When the 3.0 framesets arrived we immediately noticed that they were over the weight spec of the final prototypes. We quickly got to work identifying where the increased weight had come from and determined that the Reynolds 725 tubing had been produced in the incorrect butting profile resulting in thicker tubing and heavier frames. Our first concern was our crowd fund supporters. We very quickly decided to deliver their bikes as-is and later give them second corrected frame at no cost.

The remainder of our 3.0 production run remained and we needed to decide what to do with them. We could have rejected the frames for being out of spec and had them recycled, but we noticed that the 3.0 frames still built up to 23-24 pound gravel bikes and were still on par (or better) with many other manufacturer’s fully built gravel / adventure bikes by weight. They are still amazing bikes! Flaanimal also offers some pretty unique features and specs that best many competitor framesets regardless of weight.

Full geometry and specs on Flaanimal 3.0 are listed further down the page.

Conclusion: We couldn’t recycle these frames, we’d simply discount them from the $1300.00 retail price and make them an incredible value at $700 for the frameset in an effort to quickly place them in new homes and get back to producing the corrected tubing spec.

Thus this sale is called the Adopt A Flaanimal Program. We want to find a home for each of these frames where they will be loved, ridden hard, and taken on adventures.

Even by itself our Spork 1.1 fork sells for $420, so the additional $280 for the Reynolds 725  frameset is a great opportunity whether you are building a gravel bike, a street bike, a belt drive cross bike, a touring bike, or a single speed commuter.

Flaanimal 3.0. Black / Copper. Box 1 1x flat bar build. Rodeo 2.0 Carbon wheels.

What’s the catch? There are none, but there are some details.

  1. We don’t offer fully custom builds on 3.0 framesets, only a Rival 1 add-on build kit or a Ultegra 22 add-on build kit.
  2. The only wheels that we will offer with these frames are our proprietary 2.0 carbon wheels, but we will discount them from $1300 to $1000 when purchased with the frameset. Think about that for a second: A Reynolds 725 Flaanimal 3.0 frame, a carbon Rodeo Spork 1.1 fork, and hand built carbon 2.0 Rodeo wheels can all be had for $1700.00.
  3. We will only ever offer this deal on 3.0 framesets. Once all 3.0 Flaanimals have found a home we will return to $1300 framesets with future iterations of Flaanimal.
  4. We will ship internationally.
  5. 3.0 framesets are incoming to the Rodeo Lab via ocean freight instead of air freight in order to keep shipping costs down. They should land early September and will ship in the order that they were reserved.



Framesets can be reserved now.

Flaanimal 3.0 Frameset, Bleaux


$1,300.00 $700.00

Flaanimal 3.0 Frameset. Adopt A Flaanimal Sale.



Arriving early September. Reynolds 725 steel frame in original Flaanimal four color gloss paint. Rodeo Spork 1.1 carbon fiber fork. 15mm through axle. Rear sliding flat mount 12mm through axle dropout. 12mm through axle. Routing hardware for all configuration options. Rear flat mount brake sliding dropout is included which only accepts hydro flat mount brakes. Mechanical flat mount brakes will need to purchase an alternate design from us separately when the frames arrive.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 40 x 7 in

Flaanimal 3.0 Frameset, Black / Copper metallic


$1,300.00 $700.00

Flaanimal 3.0 Frameset. Adopt A Flaanimal sale.



Arriving early September. Reynolds 725 steel frame in original Flaanimal four color gloss paint. Rodeo Spork 1.1 carbon fiber fork. 15mm through axle. Rear sliding flat mount 12mm through axle dropout. 12mm through axle. Routing hardware for all configuration options. Rear flat mount brake sliding dropout is included which only accepts hydro flat mount brakes. Mechanical flat mount brakes (which are larger) will need to purchase an alternate design from us separately for $20 when the frames arrive.

Additional information

Weight 10 lbs
Dimensions 22 x 40 x 7 in

Rodeo 2.o Carbon Wheelset add-on

Use coupon code “flaanimal3” when adding wheels to the cart to activate the discount.


Oh hey. We sold out of wheels! We expect to have more coming online around the end of September but we won’t update to “in stock” until we have them here ready to ship again. If you would like to get into the build queue as a reservation you may place a back order at any time and you’ll get your wheels before any retail sets are built or shipped.

We started took the long road with our 2.0 wheels and we are very proud of the results.

We’ve tested and developed our 1.0 rims since early 2014. Similar to our bikes, our wheels have been tested everywhere from Dirty Kanza (with multiple podiums and a half dozen finishes), Utah’s White Rim Trail, the cobbles of Paris Roubaix and Flanders, cyclocross, road, and MTB races, Crusher in the Tushar, and beyond.

After we’d tested 1.0 to our satisfaction we collected our thoughts and ideas for improvement, made our revisions, and cut entirely new molds for 2.0.

As with our Traildonkey frameset we debossed our name into the surface of the rim to create a unique and unmistakable rim belonging only to us.

Our 2.0 rim provides a wide, stable 24mm internal rim width designed to pair well with larger volume road and adventure tires found on modern bikes. Wide tires (25mm through 48mm tested) require a wider platform for stable performance across varying tire pressures. With larger (40mm+) tires we run our rims tubeless into the low 20psi range and with 25mm tires we run them down into the 70psi range when we want a smooth and comfortable ride. Minimum tire weights vary by rider.

We designed our 2.0 rims with a 30mm depth with an eye towards crosswind performance. We don’t believe that deep dish carbon wheels are well suited to high crosswinds that are seen here in our home state of Colorado or in gravel and endurance racing worldwide. The 30mm profile is well adapted for impact resistance against and conditions seen in gravel and trail riding. Lastly, a 30mm rim is inherently lighter than a deep dish profile rim. keeping the rotational mass low while keeping the strength high results in a rim that spins up quickly and feels fast in all conditions.

Our rims are designed to cover the spectrum from road riding to gravel riding to cyclocross racing to fully off road trail riding and everything in between. Our wheels were tested by not one but two different testers to exceedingly high impact and strength standards for impact resistance and stiffness.

Our wheel builds are available now in 28h spoke counts but soon will be available in custom builds using 24, 28, and 32 hole configurations.

We teamed up with Bitex to customize their hubs and pair them with our rims. We tested a broad range of hubs over the course of 24 months and found Bitex to provide an incredible balance of performance, weight, and price rivaling many hubs on the market costing twice as much.

When we launch custom builds in the near future we will allow customers to select from a number of third party hub manufacturers to suit their taste. We will also offer Sapim CX-Ray spoke options for those wanting lower weight, high strength bladed spoke upgrades. Color matched wheel decals will be available at an additional cost.

Wheels due back in stock early-mid Oct. You may pre-order if you’d like to be at the top of the delivery queue.

Available on backorder


  • Proprietary Rodeo 2.0 700c Carbon wheelset design
  • Small batch hand built by Magnetic Wheel Co.
  • Tubeless and tube compatible.
  • Bead lock profile to prevent burps and leaks and makes mounting possible with only a floor pump on many models of tubeless tires.
  • 30mm deep mid depth rim
  • 425 gram rim weight
  • 24mm internal width
  • 28.5mm external width
  • Sapim Race spokes
  • Sapim brass nipples
  • 28h / 27h spoke count
  • 1520gr wheelset weight
  • Bitex / Rodeo 2.0 custom annodized and 2 side etched centerlock disc hubs.
  • Anti-scar, anti strip freehub body resists damage from powerful riders.
  • 6 pawl freehub body design ensures maximal engagement.
  • 15mm front through axle / 12mm rear through axle. (can be converted to 12mm front through axle)
  • Tubeless valves included
  • 24mm tubeless rim tape required but not included.
  • Tubeless sealant required when running in tubeless configuration.
  • Max suggested tubeless PSI is determined by manufacturer of tires. See tire sidewalls for indications.

Shimano Ultegra 22 hydraulic build kit add-on


May only be purchased in combination with a Flaanimal 3.0 frameset. All other sales will be voided.

Bar Tape Ritchey WCS Evocurve
Stem Ritchey WCS TRAIL Blatte
Headset FSA
Seat Clamp Standard 6066 Aluminum
Seatpost Ritchey WCS LINK Blatte 27.2
Saddle WTB Volt Race142
Bottom Bracket Praxis M30 English Thread
Crankset Praxis Zayante 34/50 172.5mm
Cassette Shimano Ultegra 11-32
Front Derr. Ultegra FD-6800
Rear Derr. Ultegra RD-6800 GS 11-speed
Shift / Levers Ultegra Shift Brake Lever set / Hydro
Front Shift Housing 34″ Shimano Housing
Rear Shift Housing 7′ 2″ Shimano Housing
Brake Caliper Front Shimano Flat Mount
Brake Caliper Rear Shimano Flat Mount
Bar Tape WCS Pave Tape / Black
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Sram Rival 1x hydraulic build kit add-on


May only be purchased as a part of a Flaanimal 3.0 frameset. Any other orders will be voided.

Bar / Size Ritchey Comp EvoMax
Stem / Length Ritchey 4AXIS BB Black 100mm/31.8mm
Headset FSA EC44
Seat Clamp Standard 6066
Seatpost Ritchey Link BB Black 27.2
Saddle Volt Race 142
Bottom Bracket SRAM GXP Team
Crankset Sram Rival 1 175 42t
Chain SRAM Rival PC 1130
Cassette Sram PG1150 11-42
Rear Derr. Rival 1 Long Cage
Front Levers Rival 1
Rear Shift / Levers Rival 22 HRD
Brake Lines / Hydro Included with Shift / Levers
Brake Lines / Mech Included with Shift / Levers
Shift housing / cables Included with Shift / Levers
Brake Caliper Front Rival Flat Mount HRD
Brake Caliper Rear Rival Flat Mount HRD
Bar Tape Black
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Want to know what early adopters are thinking of their Flaanimals? Check the Flaanimal hashtag on instagram to see photos and thoughts from real owners in the real world:

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The rest of the details:

Flaanimal is about adaptability. Flaanimals core design and nuanced details all revolve around giving each owner a stable platform from with to build out their own cycling vision. Flaanimal is a generalist. It plays well in dirt and it plays well on tarmac.






Flaanimal features a stable, neutral geometry tuned for road, trail, and pretty much anything in between. We’ve ridden and tested this geometry exhaustively and are very pleased with the results. Much of our core geometry is shared with our Trialdonkey 2.0, which has victories in podiums in almost every major cycling discipline such as road, cyclocross, gravel racing, and mountain biking.

We worked very hard to minimize toe interference across all Flaanimal frame sizes, maintaining at least 5mm of clearance with average shoe sizes when a 45mm tire is used.

Size 48 50 52 54 56 58 61
virtual Seat Tube (C-T) 480 500 520 540 560 580 610
Seat Tube (C-T) 448 468 488 508 528 548 578
Top Tube (effective) 520 527.65 535 545 560 580 605
Chain Stay (actual) 425 425 425 425 425 425 425
Seat Tube Angle 75 74.5 74 74 73.5 73 73
Bottom Bracket Drop 65 65 65 65 65 65 65
Head Tube Length 82 95 107 132 147 162 197
Head Tube Angle 69.5 69.5 70 70 71 72 72
Reach 384.22 383.74 382.43 385.69 390.08 399.1 413.92
Stack 506.74 518.92 532.08 555.57 573.63 591.71 624.99
Fork Length 396 396 396 396 396 396 396
Fork Rake 45 45 45 45 45 45 45
FC 600.95 605 603.83 615.58 616.25 620.96 646.47
Wheelbase 1017.42 1021.5 1020.32 1032.13 1032.81 1037.55 1063.19


Complete Flaanimal Bicycle Builds

Beause Flaanimal 3.0 is so deeply discounted we are not offering a fully custom build option, but we do offer a-la carte build kits in two options and discounted Rodeo 2.0 carbon wheels if purchased at the same time as a frame.



If you have any questions about Flaanimal please feel free to get in touch. We will add any common questions here as we go.

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