We are happy to extend discounted / wholesale pricing to bike shops and frame builders on the following products:

Traildonkey framesets

Flaanimal framesets

Rodeo Spork 3.0

Rodeo Spork 1.2

Rodeo 2.0 Carbon wheelsets, 650b & 700c

Rodeo 2.0 Carbon rims, 650b & 700c

Typically shops purchase frames / forks / wheels from us when a customer requests our products by name. In that scenario we have a fixed “wholesale” price for each product. Our standard shop margin is probably lower than many larger manufacturers, but we extend as much courtesy as possible keeping in mind that we plan production runs and volume around our needs and with our capital. Shops that order frames, forks, and wheels from us are essentially pulling from the inventory that we have planned for our direct sales.

Some shops are able to plan further ahead and can take the step of ordering products from us in coordination with our production schedules. For shops selling more than just a small handful of frames a year we can offer coordinated production orders as a way to open up wider margins on any product that we make. Simply put: If the product never sits in our inventory we can pass those savings on to the shop.

Rodeo is a small company and we’re super keen to collaborate with shops and discuss ways to make relationships mutually beneficial. If you have any questions about getting set up as a shop or a builder please just shoot us a note and let us know how we can help.