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Congratulations, you’ve made the switch to tubeless and you are riding your bike to its fullest. But what happens when you get a flat with a tubeless tire? You could pull the valve out, drain any sealant that is left, and stuff a tube into it. That works but it can be a messy and time consuming process. A better option is a DynaPlug. A Dynaplug is a small rubber plug with a metal tip that you stab into the hole in your tire. Once you’ve stabbed it you pull the handle back out leaving the sticky rubber dart embedded in the tire. 9 times out of 10 this will fill and seal the hole in the tire and allow you to be back on your way in minutes instead of lots-of-minutes. We got with Dynaplug and asked them to laser etch our logo into a batch of their clever Dynaplug Racers. The Racer has a twin tip design with a small plug and a large plug which you can use depending on the size of the puncture in your tire. Dynaplugs come with three extra darts for refilling and more refills can be ordered from Dynaplug directly. Besides a multi tool and pump this is the single most useful tool that you can carry on a bike that is equipped with tubeless tires.

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CNC machined and anodized aluminum made in the USA.

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