Rodeo Five-Panel Hats (not caps)


Stylish six panel hats in a wide range of Rodeo colors.

The age-old debate of caps or hats lives on. Sure, it makes no sense to wear one of these under your helmet and we might disown you as a customer if you did. Caps are a great functional piece under a helmet, but what do you do when you finish your ride? We all have that one friend that can pull the casual cycling cap look off, but you’re not your friend. And exposing that bald head is going to get you third-degree sunburn faster than you can ask you friend what tire pressure they were running. Enter the Rodeo Five-Panel Hat (not cap). With protection and style like this, maybe you can stick around for one more post-ride Pale Ale.

The black OG Rodeo logo version had a little bit of a misprint. We only wanted to send a few to the Island of Misfit hats (pictured with the proud new owners), so the rest are being offered up at a discount to you.