Ridge Supply / Rodeo 6.yo sock game


No kit is complete without proper sock game. Rodeo isn’t really in the sock game so we reached out to our good friends at Ridge Supply and asked them to work up a sock designed to pair with our 6.yo kits. The Ridge Rodeo sock was born, and carries the primary color themes of our 2019 kit into the signature Ridge Supply sock bands that we’re so familiar with. Optionally Ridge suggested The Kyle and The 2o Percent as socks that would pair nicely with the kit. You can get these socks directly from Ridge Supply at any time or you can order them through us  and have everything ship together when the pre order kits land.

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Additional information

Sock Size

S (36-39.5), M (40-42.5), L (43-45.5), XL (46-48)

Sock Color

Ridge Rodeo, The Kyle, The 20 PERCENT


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