Dynaplug x Rodeo tubeless repair kit


Almost anyone who runs tubeless tires these days knows of Dynaplug and is probably a fan. These little metal tipped rubber darts are probably the best way to repair a tubeless tire that has been damaged and won’t seal. The Dynaplug tool contains two different size darts on each end for two different size punctures. To repair a damaged tire simply stab the dart through the hole in the tire where air or sealant are escaping and pull the tool back out leaving the rubber dart in the hole. The soft, gummy rubber can be further squished into the hole with your fingers to ensure a proper seal. This is our method of tire repair that is most preferred and we’ve avoided having to call for an emergency pickup countless times with these handy little darts. We’re offering this year’s batch in four different colors, each laser engraved by Dynaplug with the Rodeo logo.