Rodeo Spork 1.2 // Dynamo revision


The Rodeo Spork is a highly versatile fork that Rodeo Labs developed for our Traildonkey and Flaanimal bikes. It’s stout design, large clearances, all new internal dynamo routing, and plentiful rack mounts allow it to be adapted to a variety of uses.

A 15mm to 12mm step down adapter has also been released and is compatible with all existing Spork versions. The adapter is not compatible with other brands or models of forks. See this page for details.

A 15mm x 1.5mm thread pitch swappable insert has also been released for our fork. This upgrades all forks pre-Nov 7th, 2017 with a more common axle thread specification making it easy to use third party axles. See this page for details.

Ready-to-paint 3k carbon finish forks are available to builders only. Please get in touch if you’re interested in this option.


Builders and Dealers

We are excited to work with third party builders and dealers who are interested in offering the Spork either as a part of bike builds or independently as an aftermarket purchase. We offer industry pricing to builders and dealers which will vary based on quantity needed. Please get in touch with us.

Fork Tech Notes

Flat mount brake and post mount brake bolt insertion depth should be between 5mm and 7mm on our forks. A longer bolt will not tighten properly and will strip the aluminum insert when tightened. We recommend medium strength / blue thread locking compound on brake caliper mounting bolts.

Maximum headset spacer height on a Spork is 40mm / 4cm. Never exceed this height of spacers between the headset dust cap and the bottom of the stem.

Sporks are supplied with a notched aluminum crown race which allows for easy installation without specialized tools. The notched race is also lower profile than many other races and will sit flush on the crown of the fork resulting in a less visible gap between the fork and the upper bearing on any given bike. You may use the standard headset race from third party headset manufacturers but the tolerances vary on those races and some are more difficult to install and mount flush all the way on the lower seat of the fork. For this reason we prefer our headset race with all common and boutique headset brands.

Spork does not include a headset compression plug but requires one for correct headset installation. Many headsets are supplied with star nuts instead of compression plugs and you may need to purchase a compression plug from a third party. NEVER use a star nut on a Spork. Always use a compression plug.

The included hex front axle is 100mm O.L.D., with a total axle length of 130mm including threads. Axle thread pitch is 1.5mm in both 12mm and 15mm axle diameters.

Early generation Spork 1.x used an M14 step down thread on the threaded portion of the fork and can be upgraded with our M15x1.5p insert.

Mechanical flat mount calipers were not yet on the market when we designed Spork 1.0 and our routing has not changed since we designed the fork. We’ve noted feedback from some customers that the routing bend between the lower exit port and the caliper can be pretty sharp. Some users have reported TRP Spyre and HY-RD to work fine with some effort during setup. Other owners have reported that HY-RD in particular is very difficult to set up correctly on the 1.2 fork. If using that caliper please consider the 2.o Spork as an alternative.

The Rodeo Spork bike fork is a solution to a problem that we came up with when developing the Traildonkey 2.0. There are a LOT of great forks out there, but nobody made a full carbon – high clearance – rack mountable – fender mountable – through axle – flat mount disc brake – tapered steertube – trail ready fork. So we made it ourselves.

Racks & Fenders

There are quite a few excellent CX/adventure style fork options on the market but if you want to start bolting things onto those forks the options quickly plummet to near zero. We solved this. The Spork features a robust crown mounting point molded through the crown for use with racks and fenders. It is designed to accept male/female threaded hardware instead of threading into the fork itself. The dual mid leg mount hardware have an increased radius crimp/bonding area for a more durable connection between metal and carbon. The mid mount hardware also threads through both walls of each fork leg, not just one. This distributes the load across more material.

Dynamo Routing

In it’s 1.2 revision Rodeo Spork becomes the first carbon road-plus adventure fork to feature internal dynamo hub routing. Dynamo hubs have been around for a long time but are gaining traction in the adventure bike space due to the ability to power headlights and tail lights non-stop and also power USB charging systems for GPS, phones, cameras, etc on very long rides. The increasing popularity of gravel events over 200 miles often surpasses modern day GPS and phone batteries. Our dynamo ports are discreet when not used. Swappable rubber hardware provides openings for wiring or caps the holes when not in use. One cannot simply and safely tap holes into a carbon bicycle fork, so Spork 1.2 was completely re-engineered and re-certified with this new design to ensure safety and durability.

Flat Mount Brakes.

New to the scene in recent years is the new flat mount disc brake standard. Originated by Shimano for the sake of streamlining road caliper weight and appearances, it was quickly adopted by the rest of the industry. The flat mount standard offers the ability to use a lower profile caliper with a 140mm rotor when desired, but it can also switch to 160mm with a quick flip of the flat mount base plate. Clever stuff. Flat mounts are also reverse compatible with post mount disc brakes so no legacy rotors are left behind. Simply use a flat mount to post mount adapter and you’re good to go. Flexibility is a hallmark of the Spork.

Tire Clearance

More and more modern drop bar bikes demand bigger and bigger tire clearances. You don’t just need room for the tire, you also need room for the elements that stick to the tire. We built 56mm of clearance into the Spork when using a 700c wheel. Even with room for large treads a slick road tire still looks at home on the Spork. The Spork also accepts 650b wheels for even more tire options such as the Horizon 47c. Spork is not a monster cross fork designed to fit 2.0 and larger tires. Horizontal clearance at 650b is 60mm

Built For Trail First

The Spork isn’t a delicate utensil to be used only for carving up pavement. First and foremost it’s a sturdy instrument built for surviving the use and abuse of trail riding. At 515 grams (average) we didn’t milk every bit of weight in search of gossamer heights, we left meat on the bone and tested the fork to mountain bike standards, not pavement standards. The result is all carbon main fork and steer tube that will go where you take it, and we hope that you take it some crazy places. Can you take it on the road? Of course! Our layup assures great handling and road manners on anything from slow cruises to fast descents.

Tapered Steer Tube

For the sake of maximum stiffness, Spork is built with a 1-1/8″ to 1.5″ tapered steerer tube (SHIS 28.6 | 40). A variety of different head tube / headset configurations can accommodate this size steerer tube, including Traildonkey with it’s internal upper and lower bearings, and Flaanimal’s 44mm head tube designed for zero stack upper and external cup lower.

If you’re unsure of Spork’s compatibility with your frame, have a look at Cane Creek’s SHIS sizing chart, or get in touch with us for assistance.

Drawings and Measurements