Rodeo Spork // B-Quality


Through the years of offering some of the most capable forks in the Adventure/Gravel bike market, we’ve come across a few one-offs without a frame, scratches, and just plain whoopsy-daisies on some of our forks. We’ve decided it’s time to finally find them homes. If you’ve always wanted a Spork or are looking to do custom paint over one, now is the time to grab one before they’re all gone. We don’t have many so move quick or forever ride a fork less capable.


P.S. – Before you ask the question, no, these forks have no structural problems in any way that would risk the safety of the rider. We would never do that and they are covered by our warranty. They’re just born with slight cosmetic imperfections and are capable of love as much as any other Spork in the world.